Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I love being a missionary!

I love being a missionary! so this week we had a lot going on, we went to the Temple on Tuesday which was amazing like usual I feel so blessed to have a temple so close! I wish we could go to the Gilbert temple but our mission is assigned to the Mesa temple. Although president Toone said that he will make sure that each of us has the opportunity to go through the Gilbert Temple before we leave so next transfer!! The temple is so beautiful :) on Monday we had a really fun p-day activity, we went to the church and we played life size clue! we had to go through the church to find the clues to figure out which companionship baptized George, where they met him and what tools the used (Book of Mormon, members, testimony etc..) it was super fun! Then we had MLC again on Thursday I can’t believe how fast June flew by it was crazy! It was an awesome meeting though we focused a lot on the power of invitations and faith and helping others to see their divine and eternal potential. July is going to be awesome Gilbert is going to be on fire! And not just because it’s going to be hotter than 110 all month... ha-ha #celestialsummer
We had a suuuper funny dinner the other night with the Grijalva family they are awesome their 5 year daughter is hilarious and she never stops talking. But she let the dog out during dinner and her parents were telling her to go but it back. it’s the best when they talk to their kids because they try to talk in English you have to read this with a Mexican accent and it makes it soooo much more funny hermano Grijalva said "go put the dog back in the room or we will put it in the microwave!" we couldn’t stop laughing it was so funny. The members here are the best they are so fun and they cook sooo good! La comida Mexican es lo mejor!
so something super cool happened this week, while Hermana Hansen and I were at the library a man came up to us and gave us a note that said "would like to talk to you email me if you can" with his email. We looked him up on Facebook and added him as a friend and then he messaged us and said he wants to know more about what we teach :) people find us! It was super cool and we are excited to start teaching him on Facebook and preparing him to meet with missionaries in his area.
So this week we had a drop talk with one of our only investigators Fabiola because she just wasn’t changing or doing anything. So we faith dropped her and then we were sitting at church on Sunday and she randomly showed up! It was a miracle it was so cool! We hope now that she sees the importance of why we are here and what we are trying to help her to accomplish but that she has to do her part as well. We don’t have too many investigators right now but we are excited to do a lot of finding and find the lords elect in this area. We also got transfer calls last night and we are staying together another transfer! suuuuper excited! Hermana Hansen is the best! Love you all tooooons! Have a great 4th of July and remember how blessed we are to live where we live! See ya soon!
Hermana Savage

Here's us at the temple Wednesday morning :)

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