Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week of miracles!

So this week was AMAZING! To start off we had the most amazing Zone meeting ever! Me and Hermana Hansen received some serious revelation and we were pretty excited to share it with our zone the meeting was so powerful and the spirit was so strong! Then we ended on the grounds of the Gilbert Temple as our grand finally! The zone leaders were to chicken to ask president Toone for permission so we did and he was more than happy to give us permission :) it was so powerful and even there we saw a miracle because our stake center is a mile away from the temple and it’s on the same road, but there has been construction on that road for t a couple of months, so we were going to have to go all the way around to get there, but we planned in travel time. In the morning before our meeting the road was still blocked off, but when our meeting was over, the road was clear! It was such a huge surprise and miracle and we were able to spend more time at the temple as a result! Amazing :) Miracle
We then had transfer meeting and the whole mission was there again or skyped in because we were able to see the power of our faith this past transfer. It was a transfer like the Arizona Tempe mission has never seen before! President Toones promise came to pass as each of the companionship's exercised faith for each other. And we saw sooooo many miracles as a mission we had 116 baptisms and 12 in other missions due to online proselyting. We were promised we would double our baptisms, and it happened as we acted in faith. We saw countless miracles in the individuals and missionaries here as well. This transfer is one that none of us will ever forget. "We can do anything if we exercise our faith and believe it is possible!" ~President Toone. The power of faith is SOOOO powerful! Countless Miracles!
I also had a sister come up to me at transfer meeting and introduce herself to me, because she felt like she already knew me because she read my whole blog before she came out, and I’m the reason she was so excited to come the Arizona Tempe mission :) it was super cool! So all you out there who are reading my blog as future ATM missionaries I can’t wait to meet you! And yes you should be very excited because the Arizona Tempe mission is the Greatest mission in the World!

So the coolest miracle ever happened Wednesday night! So once upon a time as in like last week we went by this family that was on the ward list named the escobars. Hermana Hansen has wanted to try by them for a while because they had a daughter with the same first name. So we went by and we knocked and we saw them inside and they saw us. We knocked again and they turned off the lights and pretended not to be home. But obviously they were and they were just avoiding us... That never happens in missionary work (just kidding it happens like every day ha-ha) so anyways we thought we would try by them again on Wednesday because we were in the area but we really weren't expecting much luck. We knocked not expecting it to open but to our surprise it did, and he let us in!!! He was telling us how it was weird because he had just gotten off the phone with his brother and he told him that he was going to send missionaries over. And then we showed up without even knowing anything about that conversation! WHAT?!?! It was crazy! We showed up at the PERFECT time because he wouldn't have let us in otherwise! Let the Holy Spirit guide! It gets better... So we were getting to know him and his youngest daughter and they are super cool we shared a message and the spirit was super strong, and then he was like "yeah we need to start coming back to church, we can't this Sunday but next Sunday for sure." Yay! It gets better... So then after we said the prayer he just randomly slipped in to our surprise "so my youngest daughter hasn't even been baptized yet... You can help with that right?" We happily responded "yes we can help with that" MIRACLE!!!
We had a super cool lesson with one of our less actives and he really opened up, and he told us a story that probably went on for about an hour and I understood almost everything even though it was in Spanish and I’m so happy that I did because by the end I was in tears, it was so amazing to see how the Atonement had had such a powerful effect in this man’s life. The miracle of the Atonement is one of the biggest miracles of all. And I feel so blessed to be here and to be able to see it work in the lives of so many people. Miracles every day through the Atonement.
fourth of July was pretty normal we didn’t do anything to crazy just had to be in our apartments by 5, so we wrote letters, listened to an amazing talk of a  conversion story of a catholic priest and played with our glow sticks :) we also had the first big Sand storm (haboob) of the season. I loooove monsoon season, the storms are super fun! Here it comes!!!
I also had a miracle yesterday when I found out that a guy I have been teaching through Facebook went to church! And he went by himself! He’s so awesome! Miracle :)

It’s just been like the best week ever, the lord blessed us soooo much! Man I love being a missionary :) even though I slammed my finger in the car door this morning and it is super painful to type this up, it’s worth it :) because being a missionary is a miracle! And I’m happy I get to share that! Well love you all toooons! Talk to ya soon! Have an awesome week!
 Hermana Savage :)

So I have a lot of pictures this week...

Happy 4th of July!

Dust storm rollin in

Gilbert Zone! :)

Gilbert Temple :)

our district leader Elder Keene is being transferred :(

The Zone leaders, Elders Anderle and Rackham

Elder Murphey! the best elder in the Arizona Tempe Mission!

reenacting our MTC district picture :)

Spanish easy button!

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