Wednesday, April 23, 2014


What’s up everyone!

     So District meetings were super good this week I did a training in elder Hiatts district this week and it turned out pretty good, the best part was at the end of the day when the sisters came home all excited and said "sister savage! Sister Savage! We did your training and it worked! Our investigator finally prayed!" Then they told me about how they used what I had taught about and the role play we did that morning and it worked out perfectly with the woman they were teaching. It was super cool to see how it helped them out :)

     We were able to go to the mesa Easter pageant again we went up on Tuesday we had a good time, we piled in the truck of Hermano Tavison and rode up with all 6 of us Cileito missionaries. It was so much fun I seriously can't even begin to tell you how cool my district is, I feel like they are friends from home that I would hang out with all the time. our investigator was going to meet is there, but sadly she actually didn't end up coming and we were pretty bummed about that. but i guess her car broke down and so that was a pretty good excuse.

   We have still been struggling to find people to teach, but this week we found a lot of really cool people who might have some great potential. It's nice because it's been a little stressful for us because we know that we are expected to be the example for everyone else now because we are the leaders, and it's been a little rough for Hermana Manwill and I because we have been working hard but not seeing as much success as we would like. But we kept going and it seems like things are starting to pick up now. Yay! We had to go host the Easter pageant again and we started talking to a woman who has a son who is living in Japan and she told us how she just wanted missionaries to talk to him so bad, but she didn't have his number or address or anything and he doesn't talk to her anymore she was so hopeless. She was pretty sad about it, and then we told her that we could talk to him through Facebook. You should have seen how her face lit up and how excited she got. :) She kept calling us her little angelitos. She then gave us like 7 more names of people she wanted us to talk to. The blessing of Facebook is amazing as missionaries we can reach out to those who cannot be reached. The work is hastening!

   We went on 2 exchanges this week and I was able to be with Sister Clemens on Thursday and then Hermana Raynor on Saturday. They were both suuuuper fun exchanges and I learned a lot from both of them. Hermana Raynor just got reassigned to be a Spanish sister so it’s a little stressful for her, but she is doing amazing and her Spanish is really good so she’s got nothing to worry about. I seriously love the sisters in phoenix zone so much they are so cool! 

   So yesterday we had a great Easter! It started out hilarious when we had a knock at our door at 7:40 in the morning and Hermana Manwill went to go answer the door she still had her hair up in a towel, and I looked like a lion because I had just blow-dried my hair. We were expecting it to be the other sisters but when we opened the door it was Elder Murphey and Allen with breakfast for us. Hermana Manwill’s face was priceless! Her eyes got all huge and she quickly shut the door. And we all bust up laughing. I then opened it back up and thanked them for breakfast. It was suuuuper fun and they teased her at church about how nicely her hair had dried. Ha-ha. We got to sing in church again which was really fun. The ward didn’t have a musical number for Easter Sunday so we volunteered to sing. We went out and shared an Easter message with all the people we talked to and it was really cool to talk to everyone and see what they have thanks to Christ and his sacrifice. We seriously have soooo much! I am so grateful for my savior, and for all that he did for me. Because of him I have so much and I am soooo grateful for that! I love him, I love all of you too and I hope you have a great week! Talk to ya soon! 

                                          Hermana Savage 

Easter Pageant

we put a sombrero on the subway sandwich and now it is "Mexican food"

Hermana Manwill is the BEST! we love being companions :)

April 14th, 2014

    So this week we got to be a part of lots of cool things! president Toone invited the whole mission up for transfers (Yuma had to Skype in) but it was really fun to be all together as a mission and learn were we need to improve and how we are all leaders and trainers and we need to help each other learn and grow. I love president Toone so much and I know how much he loves each and every one of the missionaries. Hermana Manwill and I also had the privilege to go to Jewlz baptism on Saturday. The English sisters have been teaching her. We did a short presentation while they were changing and as soon as we got up there were three people in the audience who were looking straight at me and thy were just bawling. After the baptism they came up to me and said I looked just like their daughter who is serving a mission in Philadelphia right now, they wondered if there would ever be a chance that I would serve in their ward. Then we got to help with the Easter pageant!!!!!   It was AMAZING! We got to go up Saturday night and host, it was really fun because we were in charge of a specific area of seats and we talked to the people in that area and encouraged them to go over to the visitor center before the show. There is one woman we talked to who really wants us to come over and teach her :) the spirit there was amazing and before the show even started you could feel it so strong and you could see how it was touching people. And then the show began and it was in all Spanish and I LOOOOVED it! Spanish is such a beautiful language. The spirit was so strong; my favorite part was seeing Hermana Banderas from our ward with her husband who is not a member. And after the show his face was covered in tears. He came to church for the first time yesterday :) blessings. Miracles. I love how the spirit works. We are taking our investigators up on Tuesday and we are suuuuper excited and then we get to go up to host again on Wednesday night. If you haven’t seen the mesa Easter pageant before than make plans to come next year with me because it would be worth the trip! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and remember all that the Savior has done for you. I know that he lives, I know that he loves us unconditionally and every single thing that he does is for our benefit. When we allow his love and atonement to work in ourself and in our lives, we can see fear turn into faith, hate turn into love and weakness turn into strength. I love that I have this opportunity to be his representative, to say and do what he himself would say and do if he were here. To stand as his witness in this great and marvelous work! I love him and I know he loves me :) I also love ALL of you and i can wait to hear from you! Have a great week!

                                               Hermana savage 
Us in front of the temple right before the Easter pageant

Here is a last district meeting before Elder Jacobsen left. He's a zone leader in Yuma now :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

lots of fun

This week was lots of fun, to start off we had a great zone meeting! Phoenix zone is the bomb. I never want to leave! Hermana Manwill and I had to do our second training. We trained on diligence this time and it turned out pretty good, I know that as we focus on being diligent as missionaries and combine it with our faith and consecration we will see many miracles this coming month! Suuuuper excited! :) After we had a zone lunch and me and Hermana Manwill did the "April fools" dinner. It was fun, but it was hard to cook the meat loaf and everything while we were doing everything else, and we didn't really have time to do it the best, but it was the thought that counted and it was just really fun to be all together as a zone.

We have been working with one of our investigators Patricia this week and she is so amazing! I can't wait till she is relief society president someday. She came to conference yesterday and she really liked it. She has really taken off this week and the reason is because we have the one and only amazing Hermana Diaz! Seriously members make ALL The difference! You really don't understand how great full we are as missionaries for the members. Me and Hermana Manwill are actually going to start up a blog together to help the members understand their role in the work of salvation. We want to call it How to become member missionaries! And put on your tag on your heart to share the gospel, because you seriously have soooo much potential as members. Thanks for all you do!

We found this really cool new investigator this week! His name is Aaron. We have been praying that God would put prepared people into our path, and the other day we were in an apartment complex trying to contact a referral, the referral wasn't home but instead of going back to our car for some reason we walked the other way, and that is when we found him. As we began to talk to him he told us about how he visited temple square and how he loved the feeling he had there, and he use to talk to missionaries but then he moved here and lost contact with them. He was super excited that we found him because he wanted to read in the book of Mormon with us! He is a really cool guy and we are excited to start helping him along the path to live with our heavenly father. God answers our prayers! I’m so excited to go out and work and find the other prepared people He has waiting for us! I love missionary work, I love this gospel and there is NO doubt in my mind that it is true. Conference was AMAZING! The church is true! The people here are amazing and I love the Lord. Life is the best. I’m super happy right now. Maybe I will stop rambling on... I just love this gospel so much! And I love you all so much too! Have a great week!

               Hermana Savage

Ps. we got transfer calls last night! We are staying together!!! Super excited! This last transfer seriously flew by!  The only one leaving our district is elder Jacobsen, we are pretty sad about that. Our district is seriously like a family I love each and every one of these missionaries soooo much!

breakfast with our district (+elder Hiat and Jenson) before conference Sunday morning :)

we are super excited to stay together this transfer!!!! :)

Yummy Elote!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1 Year out....Yikes!

Well this week was pretty fun we had a lot of biking otra ves. Estábamos en bicicleta todo la semana. Fue muy divertido! Our area has been slowing down a little bit, put me and Hermana Manwill are excited to be together because we are going to turn this area around and we are super pumped to get things going. Elder Murphy and Jacobsen called us together as a zone on Tuesday before district meeting and we talked about e magical march that we had. As a zone we were able to see 15 people walk into the waters of baptism! It was AMAZING! Phoenix zone is he place to be. And now we are going to have a Faithful April! Miracles will keep coming! We are seriously so excited to have things pick up. "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." (Genesis 1:3) there will be light in our area!

We had MLC Again this week, it’s crazy how fast this month flew by! It was a great meeting and we received a lot of revelation for the mission. The main focus was diligence. As a zone we are going to focus on complete consecration and diligence so we can ask for miracles with confidence that God with give them to us. Faithful April!

I also hit my year mark on Thursday...... Yikes!

We went on exchanges with the last set of sisters in our zone sister Richmond and Clemens. It was a fun exchange. I got to spend the day with sister Richmond and work in her area. It was sooooooo different. Their area is really small and it's ALL suburbs so completely opposite of my area. I felt so safe just riding around and felt like I was in a completely different world, not to mention having to teach in English.... That was weird. But sister Richmond is amazing and it was the first time that I have been on an exchange that I was able to see someone’s demeanor completely change, she was a little down, but at the end of the exchange she had a smile back on her face :) I love being able to serve these amazing sisters. So much fun!

Being on bikes all week we talked to some pretty interesting people, my favorite was probably the guy from Slovakia. He was hilarious and he kept yelling at us (in a joking way) telling us "you don't speak Spanish! You speak Mexican!" He sounds like the guy from despicable me... He was super funny. But anyway tomorrow we get to use our car again!!! Yay! I'm super excited; even though I love riding bike it will be nice to have miles again ha-ha. But love you all mucho! And I will talk to ya soon!

      Hermana savage

1 year!

Me mama de la mision !
End of the month= bikes

We matched for mlc :)
Hermana manwill wondering if she should catch the train