Tuesday, April 8, 2014

lots of fun

This week was lots of fun, to start off we had a great zone meeting! Phoenix zone is the bomb. I never want to leave! Hermana Manwill and I had to do our second training. We trained on diligence this time and it turned out pretty good, I know that as we focus on being diligent as missionaries and combine it with our faith and consecration we will see many miracles this coming month! Suuuuper excited! :) After we had a zone lunch and me and Hermana Manwill did the "April fools" dinner. It was fun, but it was hard to cook the meat loaf and everything while we were doing everything else, and we didn't really have time to do it the best, but it was the thought that counted and it was just really fun to be all together as a zone.

We have been working with one of our investigators Patricia this week and she is so amazing! I can't wait till she is relief society president someday. She came to conference yesterday and she really liked it. She has really taken off this week and the reason is because we have the one and only amazing Hermana Diaz! Seriously members make ALL The difference! You really don't understand how great full we are as missionaries for the members. Me and Hermana Manwill are actually going to start up a blog together to help the members understand their role in the work of salvation. We want to call it getyourtagon.blogspot.com. How to become member missionaries! And put on your tag on your heart to share the gospel, because you seriously have soooo much potential as members. Thanks for all you do!

We found this really cool new investigator this week! His name is Aaron. We have been praying that God would put prepared people into our path, and the other day we were in an apartment complex trying to contact a referral, the referral wasn't home but instead of going back to our car for some reason we walked the other way, and that is when we found him. As we began to talk to him he told us about how he visited temple square and how he loved the feeling he had there, and he use to talk to missionaries but then he moved here and lost contact with them. He was super excited that we found him because he wanted to read in the book of Mormon with us! He is a really cool guy and we are excited to start helping him along the path to live with our heavenly father. God answers our prayers! I’m so excited to go out and work and find the other prepared people He has waiting for us! I love missionary work, I love this gospel and there is NO doubt in my mind that it is true. Conference was AMAZING! The church is true! The people here are amazing and I love the Lord. Life is the best. I’m super happy right now. Maybe I will stop rambling on... I just love this gospel so much! And I love you all so much too! Have a great week!

               Hermana Savage

Ps. we got transfer calls last night! We are staying together!!! Super excited! This last transfer seriously flew by!  The only one leaving our district is elder Jacobsen, we are pretty sad about that. Our district is seriously like a family I love each and every one of these missionaries soooo much!

breakfast with our district (+elder Hiat and Jenson) before conference Sunday morning :)

we are super excited to stay together this transfer!!!! :)

Yummy Elote!

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