Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1 Year out....Yikes!

Well this week was pretty fun we had a lot of biking otra ves. Estábamos en bicicleta todo la semana. Fue muy divertido! Our area has been slowing down a little bit, put me and Hermana Manwill are excited to be together because we are going to turn this area around and we are super pumped to get things going. Elder Murphy and Jacobsen called us together as a zone on Tuesday before district meeting and we talked about e magical march that we had. As a zone we were able to see 15 people walk into the waters of baptism! It was AMAZING! Phoenix zone is he place to be. And now we are going to have a Faithful April! Miracles will keep coming! We are seriously so excited to have things pick up. "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light." (Genesis 1:3) there will be light in our area!

We had MLC Again this week, it’s crazy how fast this month flew by! It was a great meeting and we received a lot of revelation for the mission. The main focus was diligence. As a zone we are going to focus on complete consecration and diligence so we can ask for miracles with confidence that God with give them to us. Faithful April!

I also hit my year mark on Thursday...... Yikes!

We went on exchanges with the last set of sisters in our zone sister Richmond and Clemens. It was a fun exchange. I got to spend the day with sister Richmond and work in her area. It was sooooooo different. Their area is really small and it's ALL suburbs so completely opposite of my area. I felt so safe just riding around and felt like I was in a completely different world, not to mention having to teach in English.... That was weird. But sister Richmond is amazing and it was the first time that I have been on an exchange that I was able to see someone’s demeanor completely change, she was a little down, but at the end of the exchange she had a smile back on her face :) I love being able to serve these amazing sisters. So much fun!

Being on bikes all week we talked to some pretty interesting people, my favorite was probably the guy from Slovakia. He was hilarious and he kept yelling at us (in a joking way) telling us "you don't speak Spanish! You speak Mexican!" He sounds like the guy from despicable me... He was super funny. But anyway tomorrow we get to use our car again!!! Yay! I'm super excited; even though I love riding bike it will be nice to have miles again ha-ha. But love you all mucho! And I will talk to ya soon!

      Hermana savage

1 year!

Me mama de la mision !
End of the month= bikes

We matched for mlc :)
Hermana manwill wondering if she should catch the train

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