Thursday, October 31, 2013



 So this week was a little slower, but we found some really amazing people and have a lot of new investigators. one of my favorites we  were walking down the street and we came up to this old lady sitting outside with a bunch of kids we started to introduce ourselves and she said that she was catholic and she was good, but then one of the boys was like. "No grandma let them talk!" he then went on to tell us about how he sells candy and he knows how we feel to get rejected. He said " I get like a thousand no's and only 12. Yes's. So keep talking I will listen to you" this kid was awesome. so we go on to tell a little bit about what we share and how our message can bless families and so forth, he then excitedly exclaimed "that’s exactly what we need!!" we asked if there would be a time that we could come back and the grandma was like no thanks we're good. But the kid was like "well you can come over to my house and talk to my parents! Can you come over every Monday?" He was so cool! His name is Orlando and he’s about 11 and we are going over to meet his family tonight at 7 :) we also went by this lady that we met a while ago in the street, she usually wasn’t home at the time we went over, but we decided to try anyway, and she was home! She let us in and we had a really great first lesson. And at the end when we asked her to pray instead of being like "no it’s better if one of you do, or next time I will" like EVEYONE does she was like "OK! How do I start?" it was awesome she is so sweet and her kids are sooooo cute! She already seems like a member.

So yesterday the trunk on our car broke and now it won’t close, so I climbed in to the trunk through the back seat and I tied it down from the inside with some string and it worked! We closed the seat and went on throughout the rest of our day. we then realized that you can only put the back seats down from the trunk which was now tied shut... so now we are in a pickle and we can’t get any of the supplies out of the back of our car because we were super smart and sealed it shut.... hmm. Well I guess we will figure that one out later. Ha-ha

Also this week during personal study I found a suuuuper good scripture! My favorite thing to read during studies is the Book of Mormon. That book is SO cool!! well anyway this one is found in 2 Nephi 10:20  "And now, my beloved brethren, seeing that our merciful God has given us so great knowledge concerning these things, let us remember him, and lay aside our sins, and not hang down our heads, for we are not cast off; nevertheless, we have been driven out of the land of our inheritance; but we have been led to a better land, for the Lord has made the sea our path, and we are upon an isle of the sea."  It just made me think about how sometimes we are led out of our comfort zones or our " Land of inheritance" and we don't know why, and its hard. But as long as we follow what the lord he will lead us to a "better land" and will help us grow and discover our eternal potential. He has made the "sea our path" the sea is not smooth. There are ups and down, sunny days and stormy days. But that’s how we learn. We learn to enjoy life and be happy, and we learn to be strong and face the waves of the adversary with courage and with hope! I love being on a mission. It’s such a blessing to not only help others learn more about the gospel but myself as well! I learn something new every day and I LOVE it! Love it Love it :) it’s the best! Well talk to ya'all later! Have a great week!

                                Hermana Savage

We found the elotero and got corn like in Nocho Libre!

We also got to jump in a Brinka brinka with our investigators, this is Leo he's suuuuper cute :)

Good luck Elder Jurgensmeir! we will miss you!

All the sisters in our apartment :)

Monday, October 21, 2013


Well this week was pretty exciting, I probably say that like every week but it true there is always something exciting that happens. Sure it’s real hard sometimes, but there are always miracles around us each and every day! Being a missionary is the best :) Well to start off Monday night we got a much anticipated knock on the door, I opened it and gave a big huge hug to the best dad in the world. Mine :) it was way fun to go out to dinner for an hour and it wasn’t weird at all. It felt totally normal just being able to talk for a little bit and give him a hug, and we got right back to work! This week we decided to venture out on our bikes a little bit and it was fun, I love riding my bike in a skirt, you get all sorts of funny looks ha-ha. We stopped to talk to this one girl on the street and as I tried to stop while introducing ourselves I kind of fell off slash launched myself off my bike. Suuuuper awkward. Ha-ha although if it’s not awkward, it’s not missionary work. Ha-ha. I also the privilege of trying Menudo this week. It’s the one dish that all the missionaries talk about and not all have the opportunity to try :P basically its cow stomach soup. I did OK though I just cut the chunks of stomach in to smaller pieces and pretended that I was eating something else. I survived!

We also got transfer calls last night. Transfers already! Yikes that went by way to fast. Hermana Romano and I have another transfer together in Cielito! Yay! We are super excited :) Elder Jurgensmeier is leaving though we are all pretty sad he’s been an awesome Zone leader, but he will make an amazing Assistant to the President :)

We had some really good lessons this week and one of my favorites was with the Armenta family, they have been investigating the church for a year or so and they are sooo close to being baptized. We had a super awesome lesson with them the other night in the front yard sitting in chairs under the tree and the starry Arizona sky. We talked about the atonement and the spirit was so strong. We also got some new investigators this week. The elders had been teaching this family and the kids got baptized in June, but they haven’t been coming to church for a long time. They just moved into our area so we thought we would start teaching them. The other night we were headed home and it was pretty late so we weren’t sure if we should stop by or not. But we decided we should so we introduced our selves and shared a short scripture with them. They came to church the next day, and the mom told us that she had had a really hard day when we stopped by and she felt like everyone had turned on her and she was all alone. She had just taken some medicine to help her go to sleep when we knocked on the door. she told us that the scripture that we shared was exactly what she needed to hear, and she knew that no matter what when everyone else turns away that god never does. She was very thankful that we had come to remind her about that. And I know that is true with ALL my heart. God is always there and he always loves us no matter what. I feel so blessed that I get to help remind people of that love that god has for them. It’s the best thing ever! Well I love you all toooooooons! And I hope you all have a fantastic week! Talk to ya soon!

    Hermana Savage

Visit from dad

Here are a couple pictures of Jessica. Sweat experience to spend some time with her. 
We only had about an hour and a half for dinner and she was late for an appointment.  She 
is doing awesome and looks really happy. 

Exciting week

     Very exciting week this week! We went to the temple on Wednesday and of course it was amazing! golly I sure do love the temple, I could just spend all day there :) then on Wednesday we went on exchanges, I stayed here in phoenix so it was a little different to have to take the lead in everything, but it was actually really fun, and I realized I actually know more Spanish that I thought I did. And I got one of our investigators to commit to pray about being baptized on the 26th. It was pretty cool. But something really crazy happened when we were walking back to our car we saw that we had a missed call and voice mail from President Toone. We listened to it and it he said “Hello sister savage this is president Toone, give me a call por favor!" of course I started freaking out a little bit wondering why President Toone needed to talk to me. Then when I called him back the first thing he said was is this dad’s cell phone number? My heart was beating like a million miles an hour and I was waiting for the bad news.... then he told me that my dad was coming into the phoenix area for business and he had asked if it would be ok if he took me out to lunch. President Toone said that it would be ok. He told me to not feel guilty to just have fun because he gave me permission. I was Suuuuuper confused. He told me to give dad a call and set up a time. It was sooooo weird! (No offense dad) haha. So tonight I get to see my dad at 5. What!? Cool! Ha-ha and a little weird at the same time ha-ha. :)

So the other day we were at a members house for a farewell party and we had this super amazing soup called posoli I have no idea how to spell it but it’s like my favorite, anyway the members brought out a plate of peppers and they finally convinced me to try one. They kept telling me that it’s "Rosetta stone" it will help you speak Spanish ha-ha. So I did. No joke I one had a piece about half the size of a dime and I couldn’t taste anything on half the side of my mouth for the rest of the night. It was sooooooo hot! The member who convinced me to eat one was actually sweating like crazy because he had a whole one. 

So yesterday we were walking along and this car pulled up next to us and this guy asked us what we were doing. It kind of scared us at first. But we told him we were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We talked with him for a little bit and he asked us if we had time if we could come over to his house. We walked over and we talked him about the restoration and prayer. We invited him to church. And the next day he showed up! It was so cool! Kind of in reverse because he stopped us on the street and asked us to come over to his house. He speaks English though so we gave him to the other elders to teach, but it was super cool that he just came to us. There are so many people out there that are sooooo prepared for the gospel it’s so cool!

This morning we went on a hike as a Zone to South Mountain! It was sooooo much fun. We had a little devotional up at the top and it was amazing. This zone is so amazing! Seriously phoenix is like the Dream team. Sometimes this doesn’t even feel like real life. It’s just too great. being a missionary is the best, sure its suuuuuper hard sometimes, but there is NOTHING more rewarding than having the opportunity to be fully devoted to serve the lord and bring others unto Christ. I love this Gospel with all my heart and there really is no where I would rather be then right here! Love ya all tooooons! Talk to you soon.

                      Hermana Savage 

Me and sister Romano

It was sister Jacobsens birthday this week so we had a combined party. we fit 20 candles on my cupcake haha

At the Temple with Hermana Zayas :)

Our Super cool Phoenix Zone shirts we made!

A. T. M. Arizona Tempe Mission :)

Fun on the hike

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh my it’s October....

 September sure did fly by! Well this was a really exciting and spiritual week. Lots of fun things happened. So on Monday I decided to get my hair cut which was kind of fun. Tuesday we decided to go out to eat as a Zone after our meeting and a man ran in ahead of us all in line so that he could pay for our meal. All 20 or so of us. We were all pretty surprised but very thankful to this kind and generous stranger. On Wednesday we had zone conference and it was nice to hear from President and sister Toone and the assistants. We learned a lot and got excited about going and helping the members catch the excitement of doing missionary work. In presidents Toones closing remarks he said that he felt inspired to speak on something. Soon I was in tears because I knew he was speaking to me in answer to my many tear filled prayers this week. He answered all my fears, questions and concerns without even knowing it. I know that there is power in revelation and in the spirit. We might not know why we say or do somethings but if we are doing them because of the promptings of the spirit we can be assured that it is because Heavenly Father has a reason or has a person that he needs to reach out to. He’s looking out for all of us. :)

So the other day we went over to see our investigator Cele and he wasn't home, but the family who he lives with was there. The woman was outside putting away things from her yard sell she is really cool and has sat in on some of the lessons. We asked if we could help. We helped her box up things and carry them in. She went to grab a big box and was struggling a little bit, sister Romano quickly went over to help and told her we could get all the big boxes since she was pregnant.  Then she was like I’m not pregnant. We quickly finished carrying all the boxes and left.  Sister Romano was pretty embarrassed. 

We worked really hard this week to try and get our investigators to come to conference. We spend the hours between sessions trying to encourage them to come, but unfortunately none of them were able to come. Which was a little bit well a big bummer, but conference was still really amazing anyway :) I really loved how in Elder Ballard’s Talk, he talked about missionary work and said "what an exciting time to be a member of the church" I keep saying how exciting it is to be a missionary. But this hastening of the work is not just exciting for the missionaries it’s exciting for everyone and everyone can be a part of it! I love you all so much and I hope and pray that you can look for missionary opportunities as well! Because it really is the best and you can feel the joy of missionary work!  I’m getting behind on writing back letters, but just be patient I still love you don’t worry! Hope you all have a great week! Talk to ya soon :)

                               Hermana Savage 

 These are super late but now I can send pictures finally!
Alan at his baptism :)

Phoenix Zone!!!

Hair cut

Me on my Birthday

This is me and sister Romano before the Noche de Talentos

Elder Murphy with his Bunny for the magic trick :)