Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lengua, chicharron and tripas

Dear most amazing people ever,

    How’s is going?! Well this week we did ALOT of biking. Like pretty much all day every day. But it’s a blast! And Hermana Manwill is a crazy biker, like I never know when she is going to fly out of nowhere and almost hit me. Ha-ha it’s the best! We had a super good noche de hoger this Monday with one of our investigators, we had it at her friend’s home who is a member and some other sisters came over with their kids too, it was a blast. We taught the lesson and then we played charades and had treats. She really liked the aspect of having a night focused on the family and they enjoyed getting to know more members.

We went on another exchange this week with Hermana Taylor and Hermana homer. It was super fun! Hermana came with me for the day in my area and we had some really awesome lessons. we also conquered dinner together... to be honest I’m still not 100%  sure what we ate but it had a mix of lengua (cow tongue) chicken, pork, chicharron (pig skin/fat) tripas (I don’t really want to tell you what that is...) and well yeah it was a little hard to stomach, but we got it down and did better than elder Allen who had to sneak some of his off on to elder Murpheys plate, and elder Zoolakis who somehow got away with not getting seconds... sister power! PS. never want to eat that again. Ever! But anyway it was a super good exchange and I was able to help her out with a lot of things. Now I know why I went through some of the trials and hard times on my mission, because now I am able to really understand, and be able to help our others. I am so thankful for trails!!!!!

   This week was a little ruff for our area; we are struggling to find people to go by especially during the mornings and afternoons. It seems we go door to door and no one opens up, but we are trying not to lose our enthusiasm as we bike around from place to place. Eventually someone will open up, trial of our patience or faith I suppose... I have seriously never been so tired in my life! We get home plan and either we are both so out of it that we can’t stop laughing or we wake up on the floor after an hour like we did the other night ha-ha. I seriously love sister Manwill sooooo much though! I know that president Toone really received revelation when he put us together. This transfer has gone by so fast and I think that is because we get along so well. I hope we stay together for a while. There is definitely a reason we are together. Well love ya all to pieces! Hope you have a great week talk to ya pronto! 

       Con mucho amor, 
               Hermana Savage 

PS. oh yeah so the other night I guess I was singing in my sleep, and then Hermana homer said she heard me talking in Spanish! Yes! That must mean I dream a little bit in Spanish now! But yeah I guess I talk in my sleep like every night. Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing but also super funny, because then we try to make up what it was I dreamed about, because half the time I can never remember. Sweet dreams! 

we got to drive on Sunday. yaaaay!

suuuuuper tired after a long day on bikes
This week during Spanish study we came up with a song about gallinas and preformed it for the other hermanas, unfortunately I cant send  you the video, but here are some screen shots.

we found a cat!
She took it for a ride on her bike :)

our zone singing magical march last week

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