Monday, March 3, 2014

New Companion

Hey everyone!
So this week was a very different week for me, lots of new adventures and things. We had transfers on Wednesday and I was pretty nervous! I was almost certain I was going to be with someone that I knew, but as the meeting went on they all got paired off into different companionships and I got more and more anxious by the second. Finally they announced Phoenix and my new companion is Hermana Manwill! Let me just tell you that transfers are inspired! I am so excited for this next transfer, Hermana Manwill is AMAZING! She's super funny and we get along great, like we were pretty much made for each other. She's from Missouri, and she's been out for 9 months. She's a new sister training leader as well so we are going to learn a lot together trying to figure this out. We are actually super excited about it though, because we are in the same boat so it makes the task a little less intimidating... and Hermana Acosta is off to South Phoenix so she is still pretty close, and I will get to see her every now and then. Yay!

So on Thursday we got to go back up to Tempe for MLC it was pretty much all day, but we both really enjoyed it. It's a little different being in the loop of everything that is happening in the mission. The scariest part was probably when we had to get up I front of everyone and discuss our stats as a zone and council together with all the other zone leaders and sister training leaders of what we are going to do to help our zones reach their full potential. I just don't like being up I front of people. We had a lot of good training and inspiration that came as we counseled together as a mission. My mind was a little scattered after the meeting I guess, because on our way home I did about the dumbest thing ever. I ran a red light, but not only that I came to a full and complete stop before I did. ¡Ay mi mente!

But me and Hermana Manwill seriously love being together the other night we got some elote (corn on a stick like in nacho libre) and we went to the park to eat it and little did we know that geese also like elote... I never in my life knew that geese hiss at you. It was probably one of the scariest things ever! But luckily this Mexican man came to our rescue and ran off the attack of the geese. He was super nice and we left him with a card :) we were also able to go to watch the Gilbert temple celebration Saturday night at one of our member’s. It was super funny because all 6 of us missionaries showed up and the member’s TV was in their bed room. It was super funny. You should have seen all of our faces when we first saw it. Awkward= priceless. It was the best. I love my district so much. We also got to go to one of the dedicatory sessions of the temple yesterday it was amazing! That temple is seriously sooooo beautiful! I can’t wait to go do a session there whether it is on my mission or after. President Toone wants all of the missionaries to be able to go through and do a session there. but the rules have changed though and we can only go to the temple once a quarter instead of once a transfer because the temple can’t take on all the missionaries at once... which means depending on transfers I might not be able to go to the temple very much before I go home. :( But oh well. But anyways it was a pretty great week, and Hermana Manwill is the Bomb! We have to do a training in Zone meeting tomorrow we are both nervous but super pumped at the same time. Can’t wait. Love ya all! See ya soon!

                        Hermana Savage 

PS. I might have accidentally ripped one of my favorite skirts last night trying to catch a bunny with Hermana Manwill... we are going to have a lot of adventures this transfer ha-ha :)

We hit our 11month mark!!! MTC district Stayley, Funke, and Hansen :)

Our last district meeting before Hermana Acosta and Elder maybe left

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