Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear loved ones

 Dear loved ones,

     So it’s been a pretty crazy week. Yep. We had transfer calls last night and when we saw that it was from president Toone himself no one wanted to answer the phone. We all started freaking out handing the phone to each other until Hermana Acosta finally answered it. And it was for me. I have been called to be a Training sister Leader for the Phoenix zone. Still don’t know how I feel about it, I’m pretty nervous. They told me pretty much I’m a zone leader without the priesthood. Yikes! But I guess the lord knows i can do it, and he will be with me every step of the way. So here comes a whole new set of adventures this next transfer. The sad thing is that mi hija Hermana Acosta is leaving me :( I’m going to miss her a lot! But I know that she will do awesome in her new area she is such an amazing missionary!

    So this week we went over to Hermana Rodríguezes again for P-day and we made skirts. They turned out really good and she was super excited to see us at church yesterday wearing them. The members here are so cute i love them all so much, I’m super happy I get to stay another transfer with them. We had the noche de talentos on Friday and it was a blast we ending up doing a skit that our ward mission leader wrote for us about the life of a missionary. It was hilarious and the members loved it. Elder Murphy actually got a little too into it and when they were driving in the imaginary car they "hit the breaks to hard" so he launched forward and hit his nose on the chair in front of him. Now he has a lovely black nose that everyone keeps asking him about. Ha-ha. Also my companion slapped me this week. It was a first. We were walking up to a house and out of no where she started flailing her arms and SMACK! She got me. It was soooo funny we were dying of laughter. I guess there was a bug and it scared her and she didn’t see me walking beside her so I got caught in the cross fire ha-ha. We also went on exchanges this week with the sister trainers in phoenix south and I went there for the day with sister Abarca. It was a different exchange and it made me realize how the lord puts you were you need to be, she really needed me that day and it was good to be able to help her out. But other than that I can’t think of too much else to tell you other than I love being a missionary even with the ups and downs and unsuspected turns. I know the lord is hastening his work and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I love you all Toooons! And I keep you in my prayers daily! Talk to all soon, have a fantastic week!
                                 Con mucho amor,
                                         Hermana Savage

PS. sorry I don’t write letters as often anymore, it’s just hard to find time to write, but be patient and I will write you back! :) love ya

Here is us with our new skits that we all made :)

At the noche de talentos with some of the cuties in the ward

me and angel on his birthday! his mom has been less active so we have been teaching them but they have been coming to church for a couple months now :)

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