Monday, February 10, 2014


Dear Everyone,
       I love you all so much and I hope you know that! This week was a little tough but I got through it and we are still pushing on! Last p-day we went with Hermana Homer and Taylor to one of their investigators houses and we learned how to make tamales from scratch! It was super fun and they actually turned out pretty good ha-ha. We had a super cool lesson with the Juarez family, we have just been worrying about them because we know that they are not married yet and that is the only thing that is going to hold them off from being baptized. I was pretty worried about how they were going to take the law of chastity lesson, but the coolest thing ever happened we didn’t even have to bring it up because they did! we went in for our lesson the other night and starting talking and Jose was telling us how he was talking to one of his friends about how he went to the Gilbert Temple (his friend is a member!) and his friend was all excited and asked him "are you a member now?" and Jose told him "no but we are working on it we just have to get married first I think" I guess when they went to the temple bishop explained ever room to them and they loved the sealing room :) so it wasn’t even awkward at all having to bring up that they needed to be married because they already felt that they had to! Blessings! That was my favorite part of the week; they are progressing sooooo much I seriously love them to pieces! I was able to go on exchanges with some of the other sisters this week because they were struggling and president Toone asked if we would exchange with them for the day. It was really good and I learned a lot. We had the best conversation about being a missionary. And it’s hard, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Because this is gods life! This is the life. Bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. I always thought about the joy that it brings, about how perfect and wonderful Gods life is, because this does bring so much joy; to be able to help and serve others and see them grow and excel. But I never thought of it the other way around. Have you ever thought how hard Gods life is? It’s not easy and that is something I have learned, but it is so worth it and that what keeps him going. That is what keeps us going. The faith that everything will work out as long as you do your best. I love how president Eyring put it "if we have faith in Jesus Christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing. We never need to feel that we are alone or Unloved in the lord’s service, because we never are. We can feel the love of God. The savior has promised angels on our right and on our left to bear us up. And he ALWAYS keeps his word." and I know that he does, I know that the reason we have trials is because God loves us and the only way that we can grow so that we can live with him is by passing through these times. And it’s not easy he never said it would be easy, but he did say that it would be worth it. And it SO is! I love being a missionary even when it’s hard because that is how we grow, God shows his love for us in many different ways and so when something is hard just think golly God loves me a lot to want me to learn and grow this much! And he does! Well I love you all soooooooooooo much and I hope you know that! Happy valentines! Talk to ya next week! :) keep on smiling!

                Hermana Savage

tamale time!

We got to go to the temple this week to. AMAZING! :)

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