Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's up y'all!?

What's up y'all!?
This week was pretty fun, up and down, here and there. To start the week off I had the opportunity to teach my wonderful companion Hermana Acosta how to ride a bike! That was fun ha-ha. She's pretty much an expert now, she just hates to turn, so every time I round a corner I just have to wait a few seconds and then I hear her scream. Every time. Without fail. It's the best! She's grown quiet attached to her bike now :) the only down side about this week was it was my turn to get sick... But I quickly recovered. And Hermana and president Zayas came over late Wednesday night and brought me some apples and apple juice, then she made me some chicken soup on Thursday. They are sooo cute :) I love them so much. ¡Mis padres de la misiĆ³n! The Juarez family is doing amazing, I love teaching them so much! I love that the kids all know my name and they just want to keep talking and talking to me ha-ha. "Hermana Savage! Hermana Savage!" They were able to go with the rest of the Cielito ward on Saturday to go see the Gilbert temple they had a great time. Can't wait to come back in a year and go through with them again when they get sealed :) We have still been teaching Guillermo (the one we went to the temple with last week) and I love this guy sooo much! We were getting super excited because he was going to get baptized this Saturday, but now he’s leaving to Mexico for some job interviews and it might be a while till he comes back. We are super sad about that, I’m going to miss him a lot :( but we are going to stay in contact with him and maybe continue to teach him through skype. He’s such a good guy he really has such a true desire to come closer to god, and he reads the Book of Mormon, morning and night! I’ve loved to be able to see the change in him and see how the light of Christ has just brightened his life. Buenas Suerte Guillermo! Another really cool thing this week was in sacrament meeting we sat down and Elder Murphy and Jacobsen were sitting in the row in front of us with a family they have been teaching. Then Hermana Acosta and I had a family with us, and sitting behind us were Elder Zoolakis and Mabey with their family! The Lord is preparing families, for that is what his plan is centered on. The family! What a blessing to see how the work is hasting, I love to hear that you have been fasting and praying for missionary opportunities! Now all you have to do is wait for the miracles! EXPECT miracles. They WILL come. It might not come in the way that you expect, or even want but the chance will come for you to be part of this wonderful work, and experience the joy of sharing your joy! I Love you all so much and I love to hear about how everything is going! Can you believe its February already!? Talk to ya soon!

               Hermana Savage   

Ps. Our ward is doing another Talent show, and we need ideas asap. Last time we did a magic show it was pretty awesome! If you have any ideas let me now! 

Hermana Acosta and her bike!

We went to Goodwill on Monday were you buy things for 1$ a pound! the crazy dresses we found and wore to weekly planning...

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