Monday, January 27, 2014


Dear everyone who I love so much,

    Remember how last week I told you all that I would have miracles to share! Well get ready for it because here they come :) first off I loooove teaching about el Libro de Mormon! We have seen so many changes since we have started to teach it different. Inspiration from god! Our investigators can't put it down! We went over to the Juarez family on Monday to found out that Juana read more than just chapter 1 she read the first 7 chapters!!! You have to understand that this is a first for me. Before we were ecstatic if our investigators read even a couple verses and now they are actually reading chapters! It’s the best. We were also able to attend the Gilbert temple open house on Friday with one of our investigators, and it was BEAUTIFUL! The spirit was really strong and he really enjoyed it. He loved that when we went through the different rooms in the temple we kept making our way up to eventually lead to the celestial room (which is probably one of my favorite celestial rooms it's Gorgeous) he said it just made since it's like making the steps to get to live with god! We had a lesson with him that night and taught the plan of salvation and the temple made it so much easier for him to put everything into perspective. and he wants to be baptized :) he also told us that he is the oldest in his family so he doesn’t want to be like Laban, he wants to be like Nephi it was pretty funny how he said it. He’s in chapter 17! What a champ right!? We had another lesson this week with our miracle family the Juarez! Love them soo much! They accepted to be baptized the 21st of February! We are super excited like I can even tell you! ahhh! Miracles miracles miracles! We had our Fireside last night! And it was a success! It turned out really nice and everyone that went really enjoyed it. We sang at the end and did the efy melody in Spanish it was cool. It’s just been a great week! And to top it off with a little of the crazy side, the war between the elders is still on. The other night they pretty much put an entire orange tree on our car. we have no idea where they got that many oranges. But this morning we knocked on their door and had some arrows leading to their balcony. We hid and when they climbed into the balcony to see what we left them, we came out and threw cream pies at them while they were cornered. We ran away up the stairs to the next floor and waited till they came back around and the AIR ATTACK! We dropped all the oranges they had given us. So basically we are wining. Sister power! What a great week, I love being a missionary it’s the best work hard, play hard, be a part of miracles, nothing better than this! Well love you all tons and i will talk to ya soon! Have a great week!  The church is true, the book is blue and Moroni is still on the ball!
                    Hermana Savage

Ps. yesterday was Australia day so from my companion. "Happy Australia day mate!"

Here we are at the Gilbert temple! with the Zayas and our investigator Giermo (their nephew)
Me and Hermana Acosta with the Zayas hes the 2nd counselor in the mission presidency. and she is like my mission mom :)


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