Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz ano nuevo!

Happy, Happy New Years! 2013 sure did fly by. Bring it on 2014! We didn’t do anything too crazy for new year’s we had the ward fiesta but it started at 7 so of course the only three cars in the parking lot at 7:15 were the missionary’s ha-ha. But we celebrated Mexican style with our jaritios (love that stuff) then set our alarm for 12am so we could wake up to hear the gun shots start the year off with a bang! Literally. This week was a little rough because with the holidays everyone is super busy. So it’s hard to find people to teach and members to come out with us. But things will pick up next week! We got a super solid new investigator this week though! Her name is Maria and Sister Romano and I talked to her outside onetime about a month ago. For some reason I woke up on Wednesday and just felt prompted that we had to go and see her. So we got a member to come out with us and had a super awesome lesson planned, but she was busy and couldn’t meet with us, but she said we could come back tomorrow. So we showed up the next day and had a super amazing lesson with her! She said that she feels like Jose smith that she is confused and looking for the truth but can’t find it. It was super cool how she could relate to Jose smith. She said she has been waiting for something for someone from god. We told her that we were messengers from god, and representatives of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong and she wants to be baptized!  It was amazing! So ALWAYS follow through with you spiritual promptings! Even if it doesn't work out the first time you knock on the door miracles are waiting! :)

Hermana Acosta is amazing! I love being her trainer she is all full of energy, and we have a lot of fun! This week we started a little war with the elders and we won. First we sent them ALMA 35:11. Then they responded with Alma 35:11. We then sent 1 Nephi 12:21 and they sent back 3 Nephi 3:7-8 you should all look up those scriptures they are super funny. And then we attacked there car with the "Lemonites" that the other Hermanas helped us make. It was super fun :) it’s just been a fun week can’t wait for this week! Love you all talk to ya soon!

                               Hermana savage 

These are the Lemonites. we won :)

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