Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Que pasa!?

Que pasa!?
    What’s up everyone!? I hope you all had a fantastic week! I don't have too much to report back on this week porque la Hermana Acota esta un poqito enferma este semana :( my companion has been sick so we haven't been able to go out that much this week. but good news she is starting to feel better so that makes me super happy :) so I had a lot of time in the apartment this week to read my book of Mormon and it was great. I can’t even express how much I love that book, like seriously it is the best! I learn something new EVERY single time I open it! It’s amazing!!! What a treasure! We have actually been focusing a lot on the book of Mormon with our investigators because we have introduced a new way of teaching about it. And the change is almost a 360! Almost every one of our investigators is reading now!!! I love being a missionary, this is the life!

  I forgot to tell you something kind of funny last week. So Hermana homer (who lives in the same apartment as us) ran over a dog last week... it was an accident there are little dogs running around all over the place here. But anyway the zone leaders have been relentlessly teasing her about it for the past week. They have left dog food on the porch and little notes on their car, and on and on. It’s been pretty funny. But they started to feel a little bad so they made us breakfast the other day and left it on our porch, probably the best breakfast I have had so far on my mission. They made a lot of food.

  At church I have been playing the piano for the relief society and I’m not good at all, but it helps to at least have a little of something to sing to ha-ha. I really really wish I could read notes... but oh well! I’ve been listening to the CD that sister carter made and mom you should ask her if she could give me piano lessons when I get back. She plays sooo beautifully! We have our fireside this Sunday. Hopefully it turns out good I’ve never organized a fireside before, but it’s all coming together pretty well and we are pretty excited about it.

well sorry this letter was a little short this week, but next week I will have miracles to tell you so be excited! :) Miracles in phoenix. Game time!

             Hermana Savage

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