Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 17, 2014

So this week I don't have as much time to write because we are all taking turns using one computer at Hermana Rodriguez because the library is closed today. But we had some fun highlights this week. We weren't able to meet with many of our investigators this week but we were able to work with a ton of the less active members in our ward. And can I just say I love them all to pieces!!! I love being able to work with them and help them to spark that testimony they once had. So many more of them are coming to church now and nothing makes me happier. Especially when I saw Hermana Hernandez walk in, I almost starting crying. Me and my companions have been working with her the 6ish months that I have been in this area and she finally came! I love her so much! :) I also had an awkward moment this week but it turned out OK in the end. We went to our dinner Wednesday night and when we knocked on the door the woman opened the door and my thought proses went like this...I've never seen her before. Maybe she’s less active. She looks a little sad. Maybe she needs a hug. Then I went all in "Hola Hermana! como esta?!" and I gave her a huge hug. Then when I pulled away my thought process was... she looks a little confused. Maybe she doesn't like hugs. Wait is she a member? Then she answered my question by asking. "What church are you from?" oops! We had the wrong house. But it was ok because we introduced our selves and we now have a return appointment. Now everyone keeps teasing me that all I have to do is hug random strangers to get new investigators ha-ha. I also learned that I am now use to Mexican portioned sized meals. we had enchiladas that night and Hermana Acosta was struggling so when no one was looking I slid one of hers onto my plate, and then when the Hermana offered more of course I had to say yes (member trust-that is what I call my little gut) so final count. Hermana Savage 6 enchiladas, Hermana Acosta 3. Shows how much I love my comp ha-ha. we also had dinner with all 6 missionaries in our ward the other night and we had menudo.... of course I had the biggest bowl, and Hermana accost couldn't stomach the chunks of cow stomach, so lovingly I slid my bowl over and let her plop them into my bowl. I am now the menudo champion. Yep! Well sorry this was super short but I got to go now those were really random stories. Oh well. Love ya all tons talk to ya soon!

             Hermana Savage

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