Friday, July 25, 2014

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ah man this week was super awesome! Although I maybe didn't start it off the best way possible... you see what happened was last Monday we wanted to go check the mail box around the corner and I didn't bother to put on my shoes because I thought I would be fine... on the way there I was completely fine, on the way back though the hot Arizona sidewalk started to get the better of me and Hermana Hansen had a good laugh at me as I skipped and jumped the rest of the way home to find out that I now had some lovely blisters on my feet that would cause me to waddle around in pain the rest of the night. But I pushed through and still worked hard, just learned a very important lesson. ALWAYS wear shoes when you walk on the sidewalk in 100 degree weather.

But anyways we had a lot of really awesome lessons this week! We have people to teach! Everyone was starting to come back because school starts this week. We had a great lesson with Roberto on Tuesday and josh a recently returned missionary who served in Guatemala came with us, it was cool to have him sit in on the lesson and add so much more insight and power to the things we taught. We sat outside in the warm Arizona night and felt the spirit touch Roberto's heart as we testified of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. we had another amazing lesson with Paco and Lala too. They are the BEST! I love them so much! We taught them about the book of Mormon and they just kept asking all these questions the whole time, but they were such good questions and we were able to explain the book of Mormon so much more powerfully because of that. They really are searching for truth and have that desire to know. It’s fun to be able to teach people who are truly prepared and searching for the gospel in their lives. 

We had interviews on Thursday with president Toone and I love him so much! We trained our zone with the Zone leaders and we set up a jeopardy game to review all of the things we have learned and focused on as a mission the past year. It was fun. We also had a meeting on Sunday at 6:30am with the stake missionary leaders. It was soooo early then we met with the stake president too he’s amazing and then Claudia and Fernando spoke in sacrament meeting and they did sooooo good! They were baptized like two months ago and they are like my favorite people ever. They were super nervous but they did great! But it was a good day we were just suuuuper tired by the end of it. And Hermana Hansen may or may not have fallen asleep in Sunday school... ha-ha. Missionary work sure does tire you out sometimes.

Wednesday night we had an amazing experience! We stopped by a woman named Yvonne who Hermana Hansen and Hermana Segura had met a couple of months ago. once upon a time Hermana Hansen and Segura went to have dinner with a member but they weren't home so as they were walking through the apartment complex back to their car there a woman outside feeding the birds and the stuck up a conversation with her, she asked what they were doing and they told her they had come to have dinner with someone but they weren't home, she then happily invited them into her home to have some chicken soup she had just made. A little lesson was given, and they sent the referral to the English elders in the mesa zone. turns on Yvonne gained a testimony of the restored gospel and was baptized a couple weeks later on her birthday :) when we stopped by she was sooooo excited and she just kept telling us how much her life has changed, and how many blessings she has had in her life. We were both in tears as we were listening to her tell us her story and she kept saying "and it all started with chicken soup!" it was super cute and it was such a tender moment. Those are the kind of people and stories you see on a mission that make it ALL worth it. The gospel truly does bless the lives of all those who accept and live it. I feel so blessed to be a part of this work and be able to see the change it can bring into people’s lives. I love the happiness it brings us! The church is true, I love all of you, and remember always do what Jesus would do! Have a great week!
Hermana Savage 
So here's the great Gilbert Zone!

And dinner with the Gonzalas family! we had cow cheek tacos... Yum!

We found a cool wall, we thought we would take a picture by it since this is why we have gotten so fat on our missions

We had to go through the fence to get to the trailer haha

us with Yvonne :)

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