Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello hello!

Hello hello!

  So this week was pretty low key, but awesome like always. We had a fun zone activity on Monday. The district leaders set up a fun picture scavenger hunt that we did at the church, it was something different than the normal zone sports so it was fun to switch things up. Then we had exchanges on Thursday and Sister Morris came with me in our area for the day. She’s serving in one of the English wards. It was really fun and she even said a prayer in Spanish in one of our lessons, I taught her how to pray in Spanish, it was suuuuper cool! She was super excited about it. Ha-ha. And that night we had another super amazing lesson with Paco and Lala. I was a little nervous because I was kind of on my own without a Spanish speaking companion and they always have a lot of questions... but like always the lord was by my side and for some reason I could understand and answer all the questions they had. Paco was really excited about the book of Mormon and he said "I’ve only been reading the book of Mormon for 4 days and I understand it! I’ve had the bible my whole life and I still don't understand it." it was so cool and then he was asking about what he would have to do to get baptized. Golden investigator that’s for sure. They are awesome!

On Thursday Hermanas Haar and Rogers investigator Ana got baptized! (they are the other sisters in our ward) so we got to help out with that and it was such a great service, the spirit was so strong and it was just so amazing to see how much Ana had changed the past couple months to prepare her for this gran paso en her life. We also had a stake activity it was a dinner and pool party type thing at the aquatic center and we got to go to help with the dinner portion and it was fun to talk to all the people there.

Me and Hermana Hansen were going to have another camp out in our back yard. We even made roasted marshmallows on our stove, but once we got it all out there a big dust storm came... so we kind of had to just build a fort inside. But it was still super fun! I love how we can just do random stuff together, we have a fun time together and we are kind of sad that we are most likely going to be split up next transfer since we are both going home at the same time, but we will see! I love the people I have met on my mission! The companions I’ve been blessed with, the people I’ve had the privilege to teach, and the amazing members I’ve been able to serve with. People are amazing! I love them all so much and I love to be a missionary it’s great that being a missionary is something that is a lifelong calling! That’s super comforting to me, because this is the life! And there is nothing that makes me happier! Love you all tons! And I will talk to you soon! Have a great week :)

Hermana Savage 
So in Arizona this is how you define the word "Hot"...

our camp out. first attempt. fail everything blew down because the storm was coming, second attempt much better :)

We love to be missionaries! :)

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