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Hola! August 4, 2014


So this week we got to go on exchanges again and I was lucky enough to be with the amazing Sister Tanaka in our area. It was a fun exchange even though all of our appointments feel through... we met some really cool new people on the streets and it was fun to talk to new people and do a lot of finding all day. I taught her a little bit of Spanish and she taught me some Japanese! I am a child of god -- Soy un hijo de Dios Even if the language changes the meaning is still the same. We are children of God and he loves us more than we could ever imagine. It was pretty cool :) then we had MLC on Thursday and it was amazing! President Toones son was here and he is a full time teacher at the MTC so he gave some of the training and it was great. We really focused on teaching skills and how the spirit is the most important element in the work, and what we are doing to help others to come to know God. He taught a lot on inspired questions and it was amazing. We are excited to take it to our zone tomorrow for our meeting and help us all become better Christ like teachers as we rely on the spirit, and the fundamentals. As we come to know Him more, you come to love Him more, and you desire to become more like Him increases along with you desire to help others come to know Him. It’s amazing how we can always improve ourselves as missionaries and as people to come closer to Him and follow in His footsteps.
We found a lot of cool people this week as we went through the ward list to try and find people we haven't met yet. we found the Romero family and they are super cool and they were super excited to see us, they actually invited us to eat with them on Tuesday, we are excited to help them become active again :) we found another less active and she told us that she had gone to the Gilbert temple open house and when she was there she decided she wanted to start coming back to church so that she could go inside again one day. And then we showed up and invited her to church and she was so happy. She came yesterday for the first time in probably years :) the blessings are amazing as we follow the prophets council to reach out to rescue the fallen, those who once had a testimony and have drifted away or been forgotten. I love being able to work with the less active members and help them rekindle that testimony they once had and helping them feel the spirit and love that God has for them. I love being able to help others and having the great privilege to represent our savior and help others to come to know Him more. What have you done to help others to come to know Him? The joys and blessing of missionary work are meant for everyone! and I’m super excited for Dallin to enter the MTC on Wednesday, I’m grateful my mission president gave me the great opportunity to talk to Dallin for a little bit yesterday, and Dallin you are going to be such a powerful missionary!!!! I can’t wait for you to enter those doors on Wednesday because your whole life is going to change and the lord is going to open so many more doors in your life because of your decision to serve :) May we ALL choose to serve Him, know Him and love Him. Because He serves us, He blesses us, He comforts us, He lifts us, He cleans us, and He loves us enough that He gave His life for us. I hope that I can give my life to Him, just as He has given His life for me. Work hard, smile lots, change lives! :) talk to yall soon!
Hermana Savage
So we, Hermana Hansen and I, had a fun time on p-day painting Rocks for our whole Zone, and we did some for President and sister Toone to give to them at MLC :)

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