Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

So to start off I just love being a missionary! You're all probably sick of me saying that by now but it’s true, and you will just have to deal with it ha-ha. Every day something happens and I just sit back and think real quick... is this real life?! And it is and it’s the best! :) So I caught a lovely little pet on Monday... when I was going through my desk I was surprised to find a scorpion there waiting for me. But he didn't get me so no worries. We had a lot of really awesome lessons this week and we met a bunch of cool new people too. we had a lesson with the guys that we met last week working on their car (can’t remember if I told you about them) but they are super awesome! We had given them a Restoration pamphlet and told them to read it and we met them in the park on Wednesday for our first actual lesson and Arnulfo pretty much helped us teach Gerardo because he had read the whole thing and highlighted it and everything. It was a great lesson and Arnulfo even came to church yesterday!!! It was a miracle :) we also had a fun time teaching 11 kids that range from the age of 7 to 12.... All at the same time. It was crazy! So we showed up to our investigator Teresa’s house and the door open to pure chaos! Kids screaming and running all over the place. Playing video games and not paying any attention what so ever to their grandmother. Teresa was desperately trying to control the situation with little success. The first thing she said to us was "you were sent from heaven!" and she pleaded with us to help control her kids. it took a couple minutes, but in time we got all 11 kids sitting on the couch with the TV turned off, hands to themselves  ready to listen. We showed them a Mormon message video and talked to them about patience and love and being nice to their grandma. we made them each give Teresa a hug and she cried. It was nice to see how we were there right when she needed us, even though it was just something little for us to help them calm down it meant the world to Teresa and she kept calling us her little angels.

Kamile is doing amazing and she is so excited for her baptism this Saturday and the best part is this is just the first little step and next we are going to get this family to the temple to be sealed! they are a such an amazing family. First it started off with just kamile and her dad, and occasionally her older sister would be there. But this week out of nowhere her mom walked in and now she is in the picture and her other sister as well. We got the whole family now! They have been less active for a while now but they are ready to start coming back to church and Kamile is the one giving them the motivation and setting the example for all of them. She is amazing :) we are going to the visitor center with them this week and that will be super fun. This next week is going to be the best week yet and we are going to work so hard and  have soooooo many miracles so be ready for next week’s letter because it’s going to be pretty awesome!
my companion is pretty much amazing and it’s hard for me to remember sometimes that she’s only been in the field 2 weeks because she is on fire! She is so hard working and she is such a great teacher and her Spanish is awesome. I learn so much from her and we have a fun time together. we were driving home the other night and a guy pulled up next to us at the red light with his window rolled down, so I gave Hermana Jensen a card and rolled down her window and told her to give it to him, she happily did right as the light turned green. So the guy looked a little confused but he will probably check it out just out of curiosity ha-ha. We are going to make a list of creative ways to hand out cards this week. And we will let you know how that goes ha-ha. But know that I love you and I miss you and I can’t wait to see ya all! Have a great week!
Hermana Savage
Our new pet!

In the pitch dark trailer park spreading the word of God :)

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