Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day

Dear everyone who I love to pieces,

So this week was pretty great! I was able to take Hermana Jensen through her first ever car wash on p-day and that was fun :) then on Tuesday we went over to a less actives house and she taught us how to make tortillas! It was super fun and it’s been nice to get to know her, she’s really starting to open up to us. And she’s starting to read the book of Mormon again! Wednesday we had the Mission conference and of course it was amazing!!! Elder Switser and his wife came down and they spoke. we talked a lot about the power of observation and listening. And really paying attention to the spirit to help discern the needs of our investigators and others. something I loved that Elder Switser talked about was the difference of teaching, committing, and challenging to teaching, committing, and carrying. And how important it is for us to not only challenge people to do things, but be there in every moment to help carry them. This is something that is true in all aspects of the church. We are here to minister to each other to carry each other and help strengthen each other. Actions speak louder than words, so instead of asking what you can do to help, just do it! Just serve! There is such a joy that comes as you serve another person. As you bring a smile to some ones face the one on your own grows larger :)

We went to the visitor center in Mesa with Kamille and her mom and it was so awesome! we watched the Joseph smith movie, and let me tell you sometimes as a missionary you can’t really enjoy those kinds of things in the moment, because the whole time you are sitting there watching  you just think to yourself "what do they think about this? Is it too boring? Is it too long? Was that to scary for the little one? what are they thinking!?!?" basically the whole time watching the movie you are super stressed trying to wonder what they are thinking as they watch the movie for the first time. Then you find out at the end that they completely LOVED it! And all that whole hour of stress is instantly forgotten as you then can testify of what they just saw as something that changed the world and the lives of everyone :) the spirit was so strong. And Kamille’s mom just kept thanking us for taking her. She kept saying "I had no idea that Joseph smith went through all of that!" it was great!

Thursday night I was kneeling down next to my bed praying before I went to bed and the lights were turned off. about half way through my prayer Hermana Jensen totally tripped over my legs and face planted on the floor, it was super funny and we both tried our best not to start laughing since I was praying, but we couldn't hold it in. it was super funny. Hermana Jensen is super fun. she is such a great missionary I love being her companion :)

KAMILLE GOT BAPTIZED!!! Saturday was such a great day! Kamille’s baptism was so beautiful and she had a lot of family there and some of her teachers from school that she invited, and lots of loving people to support her. President and sister Toone were even able to come! Hermana Jensen and I did a musical number and it turned out really pretty we sang in English and in Spanish. Kamille was just beaming the whole time! She was a little nervous but she had the biggest smile on her face the whole time and she was just sooooo happy! shes so cute! After the service I was talking to her mom and her grandma and her grandma was this cute little old Mexican lady and she was telling us that she wants to be baptized too. We are going to send the missionaries over to start talking to her. Miracle :) It was amazing to see how the lord put this family in our path and now they are no longer lost sheep. They have found their way back and now they have the goal to start preparing to go to the temple to be a forever family. That is one of the biggest miracles of a mission, to see families being completed as they come unto Christ. I know that this church is true I know that God loves us and has a plan for us and as we listen to him and follow him the happiest as well as the hardest times in life can be a blessing. He answers prayers. He loves us. And I love you too! Never forget that! I hope you all have a great week and that you find opportunities to serve each other and help others to feel Gods unconditional love! Talk to ya next week!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Savage

Ps. next week my p-day will be on WEDNESDAY because we are going to the temple. So don't be alarmed when you don't get an email from me on Monday, you get to practice the Christ-like attribute of patience and wait until Wednesday! Talk to ya soon :) 
Making Tortillas :)

Seeing some familiar faces at the mission conference

We still match even though we aren't companions!

Visitor center

Kamilles Baptism!

Yo y la Hermanita Jensen :)

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