Monday, July 29, 2013

Last week of transfer 2!

    So this week was pretty chill, we had some good lessons with our investigators and we even taught some lessons in English so I felt like I was really able to participate more which was nice. One of our investigators named Evelyn has really progressed this week and it was sooooo cool. She told us flat out in two of our lessons with her that she did not want to get baptized, but on Saturday she really opened up and said that she was thinking about it. We have only been meeting with her for about 2 weeks and seeing the change in her is one of the coolest things ever! At first she wasn’t even sure if there was a god and now she prays to him every day :) I think that’s the coolest part about being on a mission, seeing the change that the knowledge of the Gospel can bring into people lives. The hardest part is going to church and having investigators not show up, and being so sad because you just want them to see and feel the spirit. Sometimes it’s hard that they have free agency. We just want them to have the blessings! But sometimes they just aren’t ready I guess and that’s ok, we just need to try our best. 

  So Sunday was AWESOME!!! all four of us full time missionaries spoke in church, I was last and I didn’t have much time to speak but I was able to bare my testimony which as cool. We also did a special musical number of "yo se que vive mi senor" and the spirit was so strong when we sang! There were so many people crying. And they all came up and thanked us afterward. That was nice, because we were sad we didn’t have any investigators at church, but we were still able to touch some people and help them feel the spirit, so that’s all that counts!

  Also it is monsoon season! It is soooo cool, I LOVE it. We were walking around the other day and it just starting pouring on us. It was so much fun. I asked sister Segura if I could jump in a puddle and she said yes. So I did. We talked to people in the rain and they asked us why we were smiling so big. We told them because we have the best news ever to tell them! We also woke up Wednesday morning and it was pouring so we decided to go running in the rain. That is the only time I have ever enjoyed running. I love the rain!

  Well we got transfer calls last night.... and sister Segura is leaving :( I love her SOOOOOOOO much! She is my best friend and we have been through a lot. It will be hard, but we are also both excited to get new companions and continue the work. So next week I will have a new companion. It will be exciting, can’t wait to introduce ya all to her. Well love ya all tons, keeping you in my prayers! Talk to ya soon!

         Hermana Savage :)
Heres us on p-day with our Raspados! SOOOOOO GOOD!

By the awesome wall in Guadalupe

Walking in the Rain! :)

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