Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

Dear Family and friends,
    Nothing too crazy happened this week, but it’s been really good! We met our new Mission President and it was quite a surprise when he had to duck to get into the room. President Toone is 7 FEET TALL! It was awesome to see the elders give him a hug. They all looked so little. Even Elder Hire at 6' 4" found it nice to look up to someone for once. then he came to sister Segura... everyone started laughing as she only reaches to about his ankle being 5 feet tall. He is amazing and he speaks with power and sincerity. We are all so excited to get to know him.

   We weren't able to do anything to crazy for the 4th of July. We actually had to be back at our apartment by 6:30pm. Probably because they don’t want missionaries walking around when there are people running around setting off explosions. But we were able to go through our Area Book hard core and make some maps and get things organized really well, which was nice. We weren't able to see any fireworks so instead we had our own firework show. I got my glow stick "fireworks" that mom sent me and hung them on our ceiling fan. Then we turned out the lights, turned on the fan and laid down on the carpet to watch our "missionary" firework show. It was fun! 

   I had a really cool experience this week too. We met this less active woman and we started talking to her, I didn't fully understand what was going on but I kept being prompted to share Alma 40:11-12. So I did and I shared how it really comforted me when my uncle Brad passed away. It was so strong and she started crying. I guess her mom died and she was worried about her so it was the perfect scripture for her. It’s awesome to be in tune with the spirit because even when I don’t understand everything, I can still be a part of the lesson, as long as I let the spirit guide me. 

  So today I am going to get my hair cut. The only thing is I’m a chicken. But I guess next week you will be able to see how brave I was according to how short it goes. But it will be fun to change things up, plus it will be nice to have shorter hair in the heat. It’s so crazy that I have already been out for three months! The time is flying by so fast! Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. Well I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the summer. Can’t wait to hear from you all! Love ya tons!!! :) 

                  Hermana Savage 

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