Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hola! como estan!?

Hola! como estan!?

   I don’t have much to report on this week because I don’t know how to put everything that I want to say into a short letter. But we had Zone Conference this week, and it was sooooo amazing! There were so many things said that I really needed to hear, and helped me out a lot. It’s amazing how strong the spirit was when we are all there. There wasn't a dry eye at the end. Even the elders were getting a little teary eyed. I don’t think I have ever felt the spirit so strong in my life or ever felt how much the lord sustains me and trust me. He trusts me enough to have his sons name on my chest close to my heart. He sustains me enough to back me up 100 %. It is so amazing to be a part of this work. This week I think I really found out what my purpose not only as a missionary is but as a person as well. One of the lines president pointed out in preach my gospel was the one that says just as vital as what you do is who you are. I’m starting to realize how important I really am to Heavenly Father, which is something that I have really needed to know. I struggle a lot with that. Feeling like I’m just a burden. But Zone conference really helped me to realize how important I am.

     We were also able to go on exchanges this week which was so much fun! I went to Mesa with sister Tompson and I learned so much. It’s fun that the sisters are able to go on exchanges now, since there are so many of us. Sister power!!! We also went on our temple trip to for this transfer on Wednesday. I love the temple. It gets better and better each time I go.

    So we have an investigator that is in the works of turning into a miracle. Her name is Maritza and she has been talking to missionaries for about a year now off and on. We actually haven't seen her in about a month and a half, because she wasn't progressing and she said she didn’t have time to talk to us anymore. 2 weeks ago we got a call from her though and she told us how her 17 year old son was in the hospital about to go into surgery to get a tumor removed that they had found. She told us about how they were so scared and how they prayed and everything seemed to be ok. She told us how she could feel the hand of god in her life and that she wanted us back because she could tell the difference of not having us in her home. Yesterday we were able to go over and her son is already home. It was amazing when we were talking to him how thankful he was for the priesthood blessing that he received while he was in the hospital. The whole time we were there and he was being fed through a tube in his stomach and he had the hiccups really bad. We asked if we could leave with a prayer and i said it. i asked for him to be blessed con las cosas he needed at the moment and immediately his hiccups stooped. After the prayer he was amazed and he said. My hiccups are gone! It was sooo cool! They are so prepared now and we can’t wait to talk with them tonight.
   So this morning we were able to go to the Familia marina home to play some ping pong. It was pretty intense and so much fun. I love their Family they have 5 kids and we were all having a pretty good time. Oh and I’m the ping pong champion for the day which was pretty bom. Oh yeah so I was chicken and I didn’t cut my hair too short, but she did take off 6 1/2 inches! but anyway hope you all are having  a fantastic week! Can’t wait to hear from ya all! Love ya tons!

               Hermana Savage 
Sis Segura with my Hair

Here are the before pictures of me and sister Segura before my hair cut, cut off quite a bit, but it didn't change too much. So I might cut it again soon because I'm a little braver now.

Heres us at the Temple! :)

At the Marinas for Ping Pong P-day

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