Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 2, 2014

So this week we were able to see a couple of miracles and it was awesome! I forgot to tell you last week but something super cool happened on Sunday! Our ward mission leader is amazing! he is one of the best I have worked with on my mission so far. he has such a strong testimony and desire to love and serve others, his family has been less active for a while now and Hermana Hansen gave me the heads up, so when we were leaving their house last week after correlation meeting I was talking to his son and just casually slipped in as if I didn't  know he hadn't been to church for a while "Hey we'll see ya at church on Sunday right!?" he was a little surprised at the invitation but said he would try to be there. His whole family came to church that Sunday :) I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was until we were back over at their house later that week and Hermano Diaz was so excited and content that his family had come to church. and then he told me "Your invitation made an impact on my family. Thank you." it was so powerful and I had no idea! It really helped me to realize what a simple invitation can do! Never underestimate the power of simply inviting someone one to come back. When done with love it doesn't have to be a scary thing and it definitively doesn't have to be a complicated thing, but miracles happen when you reach out to those around you and invite them to feel Gods love more abundantemente in their lives! So my compromiso to ya all this week is to look for someone who you can invite to do something, big or small, member or nonmember, active or not to help them to be involved in this wonderful blessing that we have called the Gospel of Jesus Christ! :)

We also got the opportunity to ride our bikes all day long in the hottest day of the summer so far! end of the month and out of miles yet again... but it was super fun. Nothing like coming home after a long day in the 108 degree weather and being completely exhausted and wet and all covered with funky tan lines. We always get a good night’s sleep after a day like that. I was also bit by a dog for the first time, but don’t worry no blood involved and it didn’t really hurt it was just out of nowhere so it just startled me when we stopped out bikes to knock on the door and next thing we know there is this lunatic dog jumping all over the place until he found my ankle...  adventures ha-ha. We had MLC this week too and it was suuuuper weird not representing phoenix. But I’m going to catch on to the whole Gilbert thing in no time. We wore yellow and navy blue this time. Our zone leaders are elder Rackham and elder Anderle. They are both really fun and we are excited to work with them. We are going to have a celestial summer up here in Gilbert! Bring on the heat, bring on the miracles! I love being a missionary and I love all of you too! Have a great week! Talk to ya soon! 

Hermana Savage

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