Friday, June 20, 2014

June 16th

This week was super! to start off Hermana Hansen and I had a super fun P-day we switched things up and went to downtown chandler and went through some of the fun little stores and boutiques, had lunch and just enjoyed a nice relaxing non hectic p-day. Then we were able to go on exchanges again this week. I was with the one and only amazing Hermana Haar and we worked in her area for the day. It was fun, we contacted a referral that Obispo gave us that night of a man from Spain and he has a goat farm! So he took us out back and showed us all off his goats! It was a fun exchange I just love being able to work with the sisters and being able to help out in their areas, plus I get to meet so many more new people that way! Exchanges are the best :)

On Thursday we saw a miracle, we were trying to contact a potential and as we were walking to her house there was a man sitting outside on a tree stump with his head hung low hitting a  knife against the wood. he looked a little scary and we weren't so sure if we should talk to him, but he also looked really sad so next thing you know I’m walking up to him and asked him how his days been going. Sometimes the spirit pushes you to do scary things without you even realizing it. Immediately he responded "muy mal" (really bad) he then went on to explain the day he had had and how his wife left him and his little three year old girl and he just didn’t know what to do. We talked to him for a little bit and shared about the love that heavenly father has for him. We read some scriptures with him and taught him how to pray. It was a really cool little street lesson and it was just what he needed! :)

During weekly planning me and Hermana Hansen had some squirt guns hidden in our bags and then we squirted everyone, it was pretty funny and then later that day we were walking in a trailer park and we saw these two little kids in their underwear wearing iron man masks and their mom was squirting them full force with the garden hose. It was hilarious and we couldn’t stop laughing. we then had to try and get all the courage we could to try and contact this referral that had two of the biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life behind the fence  but we opened the fence and we made it too the door, and the dogs didn’t kill us! The referral wasn’t home though so we will have to try again.

One of our investigators Fabiola was able to come to a baptism with us on Saturday and it was amazing! She really enjoyed it and we had a lesson with her that night and talked about baptism and she was crying and we were testifying of the atonement and the healing power, it’s something that she needs to understand still. I love teaching about the atonement and being able to help people to have that hope and see that light at the end of the tunnel. What a blessing we have to know that through the power of the atonement we can be free from feelings of guilt or hurt and we can have peace and joy. What a blessing we have to have this knowledge. I took it for granted because now seeing people who don’t know that and how hard it is for them, I realize how blessed we truly are to know that through the atonement all things can be healed! I love this gospel and I love being able to share it with others and I hope that you can all experience that joy as well! Share the gospel! Love ya'll tons talk to ya soon! 

Hermana Savage 

P-day Adventures!

Lunch at wimpy burgers

We went to the wedding dress shop just to look, but don't worry! we're not getting "trunky" we just like wedding dresses :)

Some handmade Mexican paletas!

Hermanas Haar, me, Rogers, and Hansen :)

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