Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

We had lots of fun things happen this week. To kick start the week we had an awesome Zone meeting. We did it a little different this time and we broke up into groups and rotated so me and Hermana Hansen only had to prepare a short 15 minute training that we gave three times instead of one long training to everyone. It was good but I actually miss the longer trainings that me and Hermana Manwill would do in phoenix. Maybe next month we can do a longer training :) After the meeting we went over to the Lewis's and had lunch. They are the senior couple in our zone (I know we have a senior couple cool right?!) It was super fun and even better when sister Lewis brought out a squirt gun and ran around the house squirting all the elders. It was the best ha-ha. 

Hermana Hansen and I decided to liken the scriptures to ourselves this week and the inspiration came from 1 Nephi 2:15 "and my father dwelt in a tent." Tuesday night we grabbed our mattresses and hauled them out to the patio where we pulled out the cloths line to hang up some blankets and make a tent. We then spent the night in the warm Arizona night under the stars talking about the creation and the amazing world we live in seriously the world is sooooo amazing! Every time I look at the stars I just can’t believe God created all of this just for us! It was a super fun camp-out. Ha-ha

We also went on our first exchange for the transfer and it was super fun. I went with Sister Tanaka in her area for the day, and she is probably one of the sweetest kindest people you will ever meet! She’s from Japan but has lived in the U.S. for 8 years now. We had a miracle lesson that night and it was probably one of the coolest of my mission. We were teaching a man who has been taught for a while and we watched the Joseph smith Movie with him. And the member that we had with us was AMAZING! Her testimony and everything she said was perfect! The way that they connected was amazing. It was so evident that she was supposed to be there. And it was so amazing to see how the spirit worked in that lesson. It so strong! It was nice to be able to teach in English and be able to say everything that I wanted to because I have never been able to bare such a powerful testimony of the restoration before as I did in that lesson. We were all in tears as we bore our testimonies and talked about Joseph Smith and the restored gospel and the way that we can find and seek for truth in our lives. It was so powerful! I love exchanges :)

We also attempted to bake cookies in our car this week... they were like half done, but still pretty delicious  I can’t wait till it gets hotter! Once it hits the 115 range I think we will be baking cookies like pros :) I love being able to serve in Arizona there is seriously no place I would rather be in the world then right here. The people here are amazing, we have the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see, the weathers the best, (maybe a little on the warm side but still loads of fun) the funniest missionaries in the world, I have the Best companion ever and I get to be a part of the full and restored gospel! What else could ya ask for?! Can’t wait for next week! Talk to ya soon, love la all toooooooons!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Savage 
Here is some of our Zone at lunch with the Lewis's

"and my father dwelt in a tent" ~1 nephi 2:15

Yummy cookies :)

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