Friday, May 30, 2014

In Gilbert with Hermana Hansen

Hey hey! So I was right! I’m here in Gilbert now with Hermana Hansen and we are super excited to be together! We were in the same MTC district so it is super fun to see how much we have both grown in the past year. Gilbert is super sweet! It’s totally different from phoenix and it’s going to take some getting used to but I’m super pumped to serve here in the Ray 5th ward. The members here are amazing! Obispo Ferre is from Spain and I loooove his family! We had dinner with them last night and got to know them. So my whole mission I have always taken a while to break out of my shell and I’ve always been a little on the quiet side at first, but I decided that I would skip that step here in Gilbert, (it does help that I know a lot more Spanish now too) but I’ve been a lot more outgoing with the members, and it’s been super fun getting to know them. I might have been a little too talkative though seeing as bishop asked me if I would give a talk on Sunday.... it was my first one I had to do in complete Spanish on my mission. It was a little scary, but I’m actually starting to get use to talking in front of people now. I talked on the conference talk that Elder Rasband gave called "the Joyful burden of discipleship" I actually lasted the full 10 minutes too! I feel like I’m actually starting to begin to be able to express myself in Spanish now. yay! 

We had a funny encounter the other night as we tried to contact an old investigator, we knocked on the door and a lady answered the door, she didn’t speak very much English but she could communicate with us. She was from Africa and they had just moved into the house. All of a sudden her three kids came running around the corner and her son who was probably like 5 came up to us and he had crazy eyes like seriously they were opened all wide and one of his front teeth were missing and he said "what are yoooou doing here?!" then we explained that we were missionaries and the woman got all excited and ran to get here bible that was in a crazy language, and her kids were all over us. The little boy was pulling on my skirt trying to get us to come into the house and it was hard to try to not fall over, and then he started climbing up the side of Hermana Hansen using her purse, and he almost he almost ripped off my watch. Like he was a crazy ball of energy. It was insane but super funny and she said we could send the other missionaries over.

It’s been a good week, we don’t have any investigators right now, but we are going to find a lot this week :) it was hard to say good bye to everyone in phoenix, they are seriously like my family down there. We had a family home evening with the Juarez family Monday night and it was super fun. We did it at their house and it was the first one they did at their own home. The little girl was super cute she couldn’t say mine or Hermana Manwills names so she called us Hermana mango and Hermana sanwich (you have to say it in a Mexican accent, it actually does sound like our names haha) but the cutest part was when Juana brought out the treats and it was Tampico chips and ice cream. The exact same treat that we had with the family home evening that they came to a couple weeks ago. She must think that is what the treat always has to be :) they are going to start doing family home evening every week now! I love that family o much I can’t wait till they get baptized and I can go back and visit them. And I can’t wait to find people like that here in Gilbert! I have a feeling this is my last area so I’m gonna go out with a bang! I love being a missionary and I love that I get the opportunity to serve the amazing people of Arizona! I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the first of summer! Talk to ya soon! Love ya tons!

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Savage

Ps. I need someone to send me a letter so that I can get a library card... my new address is 

146 W Dublin St.
Gilbert, AZ 85233

We live in a super cool house with two sisters from the chandler zone! Love it!
The one and only HERMANA HANSEN!! :) super excited to be companions!

Just Saying Adios to some of my Phoenix familia

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