Monday, September 9, 2013

Exciting news!!!:)


    So something really exciting happened this week. We had zone meeting on Tuesday and elder Karl and Peterson had some very exciting news for us. As they began to speak I got chills and then Elder Peterson told us that on June 23rd 2013 when the work of salvation broadcast came out the prophecy that is all over in the scriptures was fulfilled. "And now I say unto you that the time shall come that the salvation of the lord shall be declared to every nation, kindred, tongue and people." as missionaries we are now proselyting online through Facebook. Our mission is the Arizona Tempe mission, but our boundaries are the world!!!! The spirit was so strong in the room like you have no idea. The 12 apostles have said that this time in missionary work is comparable to miracles such as the first vision, the parting of the red sea, and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. We just can’t believe that we are a part of this! What a wonderful time to be a missionary. Then the big surprise, we will be using our own Facebook accounts. We all thought we would be making new ones for missionary purposes. But no. we will be able to teach the gospel to our friends and family who we may not have known how to or were too scared to talk about the gospel with before our missions. There is an excitement and an energy here that not only the missionaries have, but the members too. There is nothing more satisfying then sharing the gospel and now it’s easier than ever! Great things are coming our way! So don’t be surprised when you see me live on Facebook again. We are in the process of "baptizing" our accounts right now. Hiding and deleting photos of us not in missionary attire and making our Facebook page worthy of our purpose as missionaries. Super excited! 

      Also we got transfer calls this morning and I will be leaving Tempe :( I’m super sad, because I love this area soooooo much and the Rio Salado ward definitely has a special place in my heart. I’m going to miss them a lot. I hope that I can serve in this area again on my mission, and if not I might need to move to Arizona so I can be a part of the ward again haha. I know that where ever I go though is where I need to be and I am excited to be in a new area. I find out were I’m going on Wednesday during transfer meeting, so I will let you all know where I’m at next week! But I love you all so much and just want to let you know how much I love this gospel, and how much of a blessing it has been in my life. i am SO grateful that I have the opportunity to be on a mission and help others find the joys of living the gospel. Have a wonderful week! Talk to ya all later! 

                     Hermana Salvaje :)

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