Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hey everyone!
     Well this week was a lot of fun! We have been teaching this 9 year old named Alan the past 2 weeks and he is going to be baptized on Thursday we are super excited and so is he. Last night he said the prayer and he asked that his baptism would come fast it was super cute. He’s a little nervous so we are going to take him to the church tonight to show him the font so he can see how everything is going to go. Yay! Also the Noche de Talentos was a success! We did a magic show the Elders had been planning this all week and it was super funny how excited they were they couldn’t focus on anything else. So here is the super complex trick that we performed to start Elder Murphy came out and put a book of Mormon in to a sombrero, then he turned it into a bunny! Elder Maynes was hiding under the cart and handed the bunny to him then when everyone was distracted by the bunny Elder Maynes crawled under the stage. Then I came out and made a cell phone appear in my water bottle (one of the members taught me how to do it was pretty cool) then for the grand finally the elders rolled out a chalk board with Sister Romano in a Hammock. They told everyone that they were going to make her disappear! They put the sheet over her and spun the board around. Then when they took off the sheet elder "Maynes" who was really Elder Cassity was duct taped to the other side with a Mexican flag over top of him and a sombrero. Meanwhile Sister Romano was getting off the other side of the board. They said they would make elder "Maynes" disappear now and they spun the board around again. When they took off the sheet there was nothing and we all asked where is elder Maynes? Then the real Elder Maynes burst out from under the stage with a guitar and that was our show. It actually turned out pretty good and it was super funny. Anyway that probably makes no since at all but it was pretty great haha. I love it here. The ward is great the area is ready to harvest and Sister Romano and I are ready to work. It’s going to be a great transfer! Love ya all until next week!

                        Hermana Savage

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