Monday, September 30, 2013

Alans baptism! :)


This week was awesome! Alan got baptized on Thursday and of course it was super stressful at first but ended up turning out great! Alan showed up late and then bishop was no were to be seen and he was the one who was going to be baptizing him, but luckily we got a hold of him. He forgot ha-ha. But I just played some prelude music while we waited and it was nice because Alan came back and sat by me on the bench. He was a little nervous but he was excited. The best thing ever which I can’t even describe how happy it made me was seeing the big smile on his face as he got down into the font. it’s the best thing ever to see someone you have come to love so much take the first step to be able to return to our Father. It was even better on Sunday when he showed up with his new white shirt and seeing him have an even bigger smile on his face. You could see the light and difference in him. I can’t wait till he is a missionary someday! He’s so cute!
 I remember one of my best memories is when I went with Alex to the home coming talk of elder Douglas. (The missionary that baptized him) after at the luncheon Alex told him that he was starting his mission papers. I remember how he paused and looked at Alex with the biggest smile on his face I can only imagine what he was feeling :) it was the coolest moment ever. Sharing the gospel is continuous. You share the gospel with one person you share the Gospel with a generation. There are so many amazing people here who have only been members for a few years and already they are effect the lives of so many people. it’s amazing just so amazing how it goes on and on :) now Alan will be able to go on a mission and touch so many lives and someday have a family of his own and raise them in the gospel. This is just the best feeling ever! I love being a missionary and being able to really truly help people find what will bring them true happiness! The Gospel! It’s True! It’s amazing! And it’s for everyone! Love you all tons! Hope you have a great week where ever you are!

                                          Hermana Savage

PS. I forgot thanks for all the Birthday cards and packages it really made my day! It was a little different being away from all of you but it was still a great birthday! Love ya tons!

PSs. I have been trying to send pictures for ever but the computers at the Phoenix library are not cooperating with my :( I think I need to buy a card reader, hopefully next week I can send pictures! I have a lot just wait! :)

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