Monday, September 16, 2013

Week one in Phoniex!

Well hello from Phoenix my new Area!

Pretty much the best place to be! I love it already. It’s a lot different from Tempe and I miss it a lot, but there is a lot of Spanish work here, so I’m super excited. Like everyone we talk to speaks Spanish. I don’t think we are in the U.S. anymore haha. My new companion is Hermana Romano she is from Idaho and she is super cool! Really sweet and fun and fluent in espanol! We have a lot of really cool new investigators and people to work with in this area. So this week was Mexican Independence Day or something because we had a big fiesta on Saturday. It was super fun and some of our investigators were able to come. There was dancing and singing and all types of Mexican comida! Yum! So they had this game and it was pretty much the best thing ever! They had this tarp set up and someone had to stand in front of it and people would through big wet sponges at the person, like dodge ball except for everyone is throwing it at the same person. Well one of the elders thought he would jump in and then decided it was a bad idea because then everyone wanted to play and he got soaked. Turned into a little bit of a water fight after that haha. The members looooove the missionaries.

We also had a really cool experience with one of the less actives this week. We went over to visit her and we talked with her for a long time, she then starting to tell us all the things that had been going on and starting crying. It was hard and we were trying to think of what we could say to comfort her when her son came in who has Down syndrome. He was super excited he put a hymn book down in front of me and excitedly starting pointing to the song. He kept pointing to us and motioning that he wanted us to sing. So we sang. The sister stopped crying and the spirit was so strong. When we left her son gave us each a kiss on the cheek which kind of took us by surprise but he was so happy we sang his favorite song. The best thing about it was she came to church the next day :) it was such a sweet and tender experience to see how her son was able to comfort her in a way that we didn’t know how.

It’s different here, but I’m really looking forward to this transfer. There is a lot to do and learn and being a missionary is the best thing ever! I’m so lucky, sometimes I wonder if this is really real life or if I’m just dreaming. But it is real! The gospel is the BEST! The church is TRUE! And I love it with ALL my heart! Love you all talk to ya soon! :)

                   Hermana Savage 

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