Wednesday, August 28, 2013



   So this week we were able to go to the Temple and I can’t tell you how much I loooooove the temple! I learned so many new things this time. If you haven’t been in a while, make sure you go! There is such a peace you can feel there that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s a little piece of heaven  :) so this week we went on exchanges and I went to phoenix with Hermana Mejia she’s from France and is sooo cool. When we got to her apartment she was showing me some pictures and we were talking when I saw a familiar face and was like "wait is that Nolan Foley?!" she was super surprised and said yes. I told her that we went to the same high school and she told me that he was one of the elders serving in her ward in France and they were really good friends now. Small world! It was crazy! The exchange was really fun and I learned a lot. I can’t speak a lot of Spanish still, but I’m starting to really understand what people are talking about now which is nice. It’s nice to not be totally clueless

We have been struggling finding people to teach this week so we have been doing a lot of walking around OYMing (open your mouth) a lot. We have met a lot of really cool people that way and hopefully have some new potent ail investigators. We have had a lot of fun this week walking around and riding our bikes. The other day I totally ran into a tree. We were just walking down this street going to dinner and I didn’t see the branch for some reason until it had made contact with my forehead and almost knocked me over. It was embarrassing because this lady drove by right when it happened. But it was super funny haha. And yesterday was awesome! It was only like 90 and there was a cool breeze with cloud cover. It was perfect for riding bikes. It’s funny because I almost put on my little sweater because it was a little chilly. 90 is chilly for me now haha Arizona does crazy things to ya. I also had to play the piano in primary yesterday. I really need to start practicing piano because they keep asking me to play when I don’t really know how haha. But it went OK and it was fun to hear the primary songs in Spanish. Well hope you are all have the best week ever! Talk to ya later!

            Hermana Savage

At the temple with sister Greenwood :)

Hike this morning on A mountain

Elder Neiderhowser and Elder Perez the Assistants. they hiked in their suits haha

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