Monday, August 19, 2013

Mission tour with Elder Cardon

   Well something very exciting happened last p-day. We were playing b

basketball and frasketball in a church gym with our zone and it was lots of fun, until I ended up on the floor and couldn't get up. I have seriously never had that much pain in my life! I guess I pulled a muscle and nerve in my lower back and it wasn’t very much fun. I guess it’s just old age because I’m almost 20! Ugh! Ha-ha. But all is well now and I’m about back to normal.

   We had the mission tour this week and Elder Craig A. Cardon of the seventy came and spoke and did training for our mission. It was sooooo amazing! So many wonderful and insightful things were said. One that really stuck out to me was that we aren’t here because of what we know; we are here because of what we have felt. That gave me a lot of encouragement because I feel stressed sometimes because I don’t feel that I know very much. But I don’t need to know everything. I only need to know enough to help my investigators feel the way I have felt. We talked about sustaining a little bit to and he made a comment that I am always going to works towards now. He said "if I sustain someone I labor to see that they enjoy success in their calling." how wonderful that is! I love how this church runs and how we all support, help and inspire each other. We raise our hands to sustain our leaders, but is that all we do? Because we sustain them it means that we support them and we are always there for them. 

  Well hope everyone is enjoying getting back to school and the cooler temperatures! It was still in the 110's this week here, but hopefully by the end of September things will start cooling down a little bit. Love ya all! Talk to ya soon

                   Hermana Savage  

Here's us with Elder Cardon! :)

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