Monday, August 12, 2013

Power of Prayer

Dear family and friends,

     Well I’d like to report a much better week! We had a lot of really good experiences and I don’t have time to write them all but hopefully I can get to one of them. so last p-day we had a pretty fun time in our apartment listening to the David Archuleta Christmas CD because we are allowed to listen to Christmas music which I didn’t know and I was so excited I wanted to listen to it all day.  Sister Funke and I put on a little ballet dance performance for our companions and I did the worm which might not have been the best idea because my arms were sore for like the rest of the week haha.

     But one of investigators who I love so much had a great experience. We asked her to pray about being baptized and she told us she hasn’t gotten her answer yet but that she did pray to feel better because she sometimes gets down on herself. She told us that it worked; she said it was a little weird how much better she felt. I almost exploded I was so happy to hear that. Like I can’t even express how cool it was. To know that she felt that love from heavenly father and recognized it, maybe for the first time in her life. It made me sooo happy inside :)

     On Thursday we met with one of our investigators that we haven’t met with in a long time and she was so excited for the lesson. We were sitting out on her porch reading from the book of Mormon and everything was going great until one of the little girls that she was watching went inside and closed the door. Leaving us all locked outside the apartment. Martha tried to get the little girl to open the door but the little girl quickly got discouraged and starting crying and screaming "no puedo!" (I can’t) we tried to show her through the window but she just cried and cried as we attempted again and again to open the door, with no success. This went on for about 20 to 30 min and I couldn’t watch anymore because I knew that if we said a prayer it would all be ok. So I suggested that we say a prayer and we did. The Crying and screaming didn’t stop, but Martha still tried to open the door. She decided to leave and go get her nephew to get a key. I knew the door would open though. I have such a Strong testimony of prayer. I knew it would open. I went to the window and tried to comfort the little girl and tell her everything was going to be alright but she just kept crying. Then the coolest thing ever happened. I Went to the door grabbed the knob and turned. The door opened with ease and I was shocked for a second until I remembered how powerful prayer is. I know there are doors in life that are locked and are impossible for us to open alone. That is why we need to ask for help. We can open any door when we rely on the power of prayer and have the faith to turn the knob. There are no locked doors that we cannot open. That is one of the blessings of the knowledge we have, and living the gospel in a way that allows us to have the spirit with us always. When we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and follow the council of our leaders and prophet every door is open to us. How cool is that!? I think it’s awesome. So many doors have already been open to me because of my decision to serve a mission. I’m so so so sooooooo glad that I decided to do so. I love serving the Lord and learning more about him each and every day! I love this Gospel :) and I Love all of you!!! Hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying school! Thanks for all the letters!  Love ya tons. Talk to ya soon.
                   Hermana Savage 
My new Comp Hermana Greenwood!

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