Monday, June 24, 2013


Querida Familia y amigos,

       This week was great, just like every other week... you should get use to me saying that. haha. But some pretty exciting things happened. The mission was split on Wednesday and it was crazy! All the missionaries in the mission were at the transfer meeting and there was a lot of excitement. I will be staying in the Tempe Arizona Mission! woohoo! President Howes will be leaving this week which is kind of sad. I've only been here for a little while but I was already starting to get attached to him and Sister Howes. But we are all super excited to have a new mission president come in and can’t wait to meet him.

      So this week I have been using my Spanish a lot more and I can really see a difference. I mess up a lot but it’s OK and everyone gets a good laugh. A prime example of that would be Tuesday night at dinner. So we were eating at a member’s house and we were just sitting at the table eating some grapes. It was quiet and it was starting to get awkward, so I thought I would try to say something. So enthusiastically I said “Me Gusta obejas!" sister Segura gave me the weirdest look and then everyone bust out laughing. I had no idea what I had said but I laughed as well, hoping I didn’t say something too stupid. She then asked me “You like sheep?" Opps! I meant to say "uvas" so instead of saying that I like grapes, I randomly proclaimed my love of sheep in the middle of dinner... it was great ha ha.

   We had another baptism this Saturday and it was amazing. Seeing Leopoldo dressed in white was amazing and the light in his eyes and smile made me want to cry. I can’t wait till he can baptize his own son Antonio. Oh I also had to play a "special" musical number because the sister who was going to couldn’t. So I had an hour to pretty much make up something to play. I wish I could read notes soooo bad. Oh well. I blended together I am a child of god and the primary Baptism song together. It turned out OK I guess. ha ha.

    So last night the coolest thing ever happened. We went to go OYM (open your mouth) in PHX and we came across these two guys sitting on the back of their truck talking. We started to talk to them and found out one of them had actually been baptized about a year ago. We started talking to his friend about the gospel and we got him to share his testimony with his friend. Then we started into the plan of salvation and I actually taught some of it! In Spanish! (Fist pump to the air) then sister Segura nudged me and said to invite him to be baptized. So that is exactly what I did. And he said yes, he wants to learn more, but yes! The lord truly does have people who are prepared to hear the gospel! Never would I ever have thought I would meet a random stranger on the street and 45 min later have him accept an invitation to be baptized. The people are out there, the work is hasting on. The broadcast last night was all about how members are a key component in missionary work. So go out and find someone! There is someone out there. One of your heavenly brothers or sisters who are ready to receive this gospel, but how will you know unless you ask them?! So I invite you all if you haven’t to watch the "work of Salvation broadcast" from last night and then make a goal for July to invite someone to church, or invite them to dinner at you house, invite them to talk with the missionaries, or simply just simply invite them to hear your testimony. An invitation born with love can never be taken offensive. Don’t be afraid! There could not be a more exciting time to be a part of the Lord’s work. And we are ALL a part of the Lord’s work! Make goals to share the gospel and tell me about your experiences! I would looooove to hear about them! I love you all so much and hope everything is going well! Until next week!

                  Hermana Savage 
This and me and sister Segura with our awesome mustaches for fathers day

Leopoldo ready to take the first step to return to his Father in heaven!!!! :)

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