Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best Week Ever

   So this week was soooooo amazing! It was really crazy being the last week of the transfer, but we received so many blessings!
One thing that was really fun is we had a ton of service opportunities this week. One lady we met while we were walking around and we went to her house and helped her clean and organize for 2 hours. She was sooo cool her name is Dafine and serving her was so much fun! Then we had the opportunity to go help paint a house, like the entire house inside. It was way fun we teamed up with our zone leaders and get it done in two days. The only hard thing was there wasn’t any AC so we were basically inside an oven, but that’s ok because the lady was soooo grateful and she is interested in learning about the Gospel now!

   We were able to go to the Temple Visitor center this week with Mari and her family she also brought her brother with her and they looooved it! We talked about eternal families and the joy on their faces was so cool. As we stood out in back of the temple Mari leaned over to us and asked how long she had to wait before she could go in. ahhhh! We were so happy and the spirit was so strong.

  So Friday night we got a very unexpected call. We found out that Mari and Cruz are actually not married. Are hearts were broken, and so was hers, but her son Edwine still wanted to be baptized and they are going to get married so that Mari can be soon. And Cruz is going to be too he just doesn't know it yet! The baptism went really good. It was super stressful at first and we were kind of freaking out at first because it was both of our first baptism but it was amazing. Sister Segura talked on the Holy Ghost and I had to sing because I couldn't really give a talk in Spanish to well. I sang "yo se que vive mi senor" (I know that my redeemer lives) it was kind of scary, but I think it went ok. The bishop was crying so either the spirit was strong or my Espanol singing voice was really bad haha. We were so happy to see Edwine and his family all dressed up in there new church clothes. They were so cute! And I can’t even express the feeling i had when I watched him enter the waters of baptism and see his cute little smiling face. Best feeling EVER!!! Is so amazing to think that he is a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints now! ahhh! It just makes me so excited! Being a missionary is definitely some of the hardest work I have ever done, but it is also some of the most rewarding :)

  So this morning we went on a hike with our district and with sister Funke and Westfall. It was funny because we were hiking "a" mountain and when we got there I was like " that the mountain?" the mountain and hikes here are a little different from Utah haha. It was way fun though. Then we rushed home to wait for our transfer calls and guess what?!?! ME AND SISTER SEGURA ARE STAYING TOGETHER IN OUR AREA!!!!! We pretty much exploded and jumped up and down then ran all over the apartment screaming "The church is true! The church it true!" at the top of our lungs. I couldn’t be happier. We are so excited! Oh and by the way I’m not coming home in September I am actually coming home November 4th. Guess they are keeping me an extra transfer, but I’m not complaining :) I love every second of it! This transfer has been amazing and I can’t wait for this next one! Love you all so much and I would love to hear from you! Talk to you soon!

                                       Hermana Savage 
Us at the Temple with Mari and her family
At Edwines baptism :)

Us on our jog in the morning... we found a cool bridge

Here is us on our hike with our district

On top of "A" mountain with the sisters!

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