Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Navidad!!

Hola hola hola!!
     Well not much to tell you since it’s only been a couple days since my last letter, but Me and Hermana Acosta have had a pretty awesome couple of days! We had a really amazing lesson with one of our investigators and he is going to be baptized in a couple of weeks! The lesson we had was so strong and when invited him to be baptized it was the coolest thing ever because you could feel that that was exactly what he was waiting for and he said yes before I was even done inviting him :) He is soooo prepared! He loves his family so much and all he wants is the best for them. We had our ward party on Saturday and it was super fun! Fiesta! It was "noche en Belen" so everyone dressed up and we had dinner and watched the primary kids act out the nativity scene. And so many of our investigators came it was Awesome!  We had 5 families show up. Which is a lot! Christmas miracles! Training is going pretty good, it helps that Hermana Acosta is pretty much pre trained. Pretty sure I’m learning more for her than she is from me. She likes America a lot and had a lot of fun being in Walmart for the first time ha-ha. There are a lot of perks of having an international companion. My favorite is that she hasn’t heard very many Christmas songs, so the zone leaders Elder Murphy and Jacobson call us every night and sing us a new Christmas song, it’s the best! Plus I’m learning all kinds of fun Australian words! Well not much else to tell you but I hope everyone has a very very Merry Christmas!!!! It’s going to be a lot different this year without family or snow, but it’s still going to be an amazing Christmas and I am suuuuuuper excited :) I love the Christmas season and the time we get to just remember our savior and the gift of his birth. The Christmas spirit is the spirit! And I love being able to see how it can soften hearts, and bring smiles to worn down faces. Christ really is the light and life of the world and he just brings so much peace, joy and happiness into our lives. I love my savior and I wish I could express everything that I feel about him but that would take a pretty long time. But I know he lives, I know he loves us, and I know that it is through him that we can be truly happy! Love you ALL and have a FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!! :)

                 Hermana Savage

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