Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Best family and friends en el mundo,

Dear best family and friends en el mundo,
    This week was pretty fun, we were in a trio for three days with Hermana Taylor since her companion Hermana Thompson ended her mission and went home on Monday. Crazy! I’m really going to miss her. She was one of my role models. It’s crazy to think that next transfer I’m going to be in the group of the oldest hermanas out in the field. I still feel like I just got here! Crazy! We went up to the transfer meeting on Wednesday so Hermana Taylor could get her new companion. It was fun to be there and just enjoy not have to be so worried and anxious about who your next companion is going to be or were you are going to go. Me and Sister Romano are happy we get to stay together. After transfer meeting we were talking to some English sisters and one of the asked my name. Immediately after I told her she was like "YOUR SISTER SAVAGE?!" she almost screamed and then ran up and gave me a hug. It really surprised me, and I was a little confused. Then she was like "You’re sister Seguras daughter! I have heard so much about you, I feel as if I know you!" It was super funny to see how excited she was to meet me. ha-ha. Man I sure do miss sister Segura. But something crazy happened in transfer meeting there were like 4 sets of missionaries that are now companions again with their trainer! They were all suuuuuper excited, and it got me really excited because maybe there is a possibility that me and sister Segura can serve together again!!!! :) That would be super cool. Love her so much.

We had a lesson with one of my favorite investigators Cele this week and it ended up being one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. I have just come to love this guy so much and its super hard to see when he’s not making the steps to true happiness, and just can’t seem to see what it is that we see. I know that must be exactly how God feels. He gets devastated when we don’t make the choices in our lives that can bring us joy. And that is because he cares sooooooo much about us, and all he wants is the best for us. Sometimes it makes Him sad because we can’t see what He sees we can’t see the whole picture, but He can. Sometimes we go through the hard times and we see others going through those hard times and we have done everything that we can think of but sometimes it just doesn’t work. It’s sad, but I guess it’s just not his time, and now we can just let the Lord take control of things, and start to soften his heart. 

We had a really awesome zone meeting on Tuesday and Elder Murphy said something that I really liked. He said "Missionary work is over. It is now the work of salvation" and it is soooo true. Missionary work is over; the responsibility to share the gospel is not just for the missionaries. "Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together."  What an amazing time to be a part of the gospel, at a time where everyone is a part of the work of salvation! It doesn’t matter what you do or how small it may seem everything counts! Just being a good example lets people wonder what it is that you have, just being kind allows them to feel of the love that God has for them. Just being around them and giving them the opportunity to be in the presence of someone who has the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost makes all the difference! Any service you give is missionary work, because it is the Lord’s work. I love you all Mucho! And I hope you are all praying for missionary opportunities each and every day, and if not, I challenge you too! And you will begin to come to love to be a part of the work of salvation just as much as I do! Love ya all! Talk to ya soon! 

                 Hermana Savage 

Ps. next week we don’t get a p-day because we are having the mission Christmas party. So I’m not sure if I will be able to write or not, so if not, have a great week!

We found another super cool wall this week. They are everywhere in Phoenix ha-ha :)

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