Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 18th letter

   This week was the Best! Just super good all-around :) so on Tuesday we got a call from the English sisters and they called to tell us that Orlando and his whole family is on date to be baptized on the 14th of December!!!! We were super excited like I can’t even tell you! I love that kid so much! we also had a pretty fun adventure Wednesday night when we got out of dinner a little late, and had to hurry to get to our correlation meeting which started in 10 min. we hurried up to the gate to leave the apartment complex and we unexpectedly found it locked. From the inside. What?! We hurried over to the other, gate to find that it was locked too. We had no idea what we were going to do, so we decided we would just have to try and climb the wall to the apartment complex. We failed. It was too high for us to get up then at the mismo tiempo we both looked over to see this big tree. And together we exclaimed "the Tree!!" we ran over climbed up the tree, got on the wall and jumped, a little scary, but we survived. we ran to our car and arrived to our correlation meeting out of breath and 10 minutes late, but at least we got there ha-ha. That was an adventure. :)

We had interviews this week and they were awesome. I love president Toone so much! If you would ask any of the missionaries one word to describe him, I’m pretty sure the answer would be, love. He just loves! Sister Romano has the feeling that she is going to be leaving this transfer :( president Toone was pretty surprised to find out she’s been here for 8 months. But who knows! Maybe we will be able to stay companions!

We had some of the best lessons ever this week, and I just love seeing the progress in our investigators. The other night we were teaching and as I starting to teach about the restoration, it just all came out! I have never talked that long in Spanish before on my mission, it was totally the gift of tongues and it was sooooooo cool! I could just feel it flowing out and I didn’t even had to pause to think about what I was saying, it was just coming out like if I was speaking in English :) Miracles! Love it!

Our ward had a blood drive this week, and we all signed up because we asked the brother who had just come out with us to a lesson what we could help him with, and he pointed to the signup sheet. Needles are still my phobia.... but I signed up anyway, since that’s how he wanted us to help. I actually wasn’t able to donate though because my iron was too low, but I still tried! I felt pretty brave :) I have pictures, but they are on Hermana Romano’s camera and she forgot her cord so I will email them all next week.  We took one of investigators up to the mission president’s fireside last night and it was soooo good! The spirit and testimonies were so strong! I also saw sister Segura there which was super fun and I was able to say goodbye to elder Yarmak. He’s going home to the Ukraine this transfer and I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again :( but I’m super excited for him. His mom got baptized while he was on his mission, so he’s super excited to see her again. :) But yeah this week was super awesome and I can’t wait for this week, things just get better and better every week! I love it! And I love you all too! Talk to ya soon!

                 Hermana Savage

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