Monday, November 4, 2013


So this week was pretty awesome! Orlando the kid that we talked o last week.... well we had a lesson with his family and they are amazing!! We were super sad that we had to hand them off to the English sisters because we really wanted to teach them, but oh well! No the sisters have a wonderful family to teach. We went over the other day just to see how they were doing and Orlando said that he was going to have surgery on his hand because he broke his pinkie. We asked if he wanted to say a prayer with us so that he wouldn't be as nervous and he said "I already did!" we asked if his family has been praying and he told us they have been praying every night just like we taught them! Ahhhh they are so awesome! :)

We also kind of decided to celebrate Christmas a little early this year so they gave all the missionaries ipads on Tuesday. WHAT?! Crazy right!? We had a super awesome training and elder Donaldson the mission president from the district 2 videos which none of you probably know who he is, but anyway he came and it was AMAZING! We are a pilot mission so we are one of the first in the world to start using ipads. The area book app is sooooo cool and is going to help out so much, what’s not cool though is that we have to transfer all of our area book onto the ipads now, so we have to spend an hour a day updating and transferring which takes FOREVER! But once it’s all done things are going to be so much easier! It’s amazing all the apps we have to help enhance the work! Elder Donaldson told us "it’s not a coincidence that you are here in this mission. God knew you could do this, you were supposed to be here at this time. He trusts you, we trust you, and we expect you to figure it out. And when you do, it will bless the church in incomprehensible ways for generations to come. You were chosen to be pioneers in the most remarkable era of the church" WOW! it’s a little weird being online missionaries and there is still so much I don’t know how to do and it’s a little intimidating sometimes, but I know that I’m not here by coincidence and I have something that will help define and discover the new era of online proselyting. What’s amazing about it is we reach out and expose the church to thousands, by simply sharing a post on Facebook, for each person who likes shares one of our posts of Facebook thousands of people will hear about the gospel. It would take a looooong time to knock a thousand doors! And I’ve already had some good experiences teaching and testifying though Facebook! And guess what you can all be online missionaries too! I challenge you all to post something this week, if it’s your favorite scripture, a link to a Mormon message, or a cool experience you have had this week it doesn’t matter. But by sharing something I know that you will see the blessing in your life and in others!

We also took investigator Cele to the temple visitor center last night. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had so far. Right after we had seen the statue of Christ he thanked us with all sincerity of his heart for inviting him. He said that I felt something so strong such a peace and love, we all started getting a little teary. Then after we watched the testaments we bore our testimonies and he even stood up and shared his feelings about Christ and it was amazing! Ah I just love the temple! We have been teaching him for almost 2 months now and he has not wanted to get baptized because he feels that he was already baptized the right way but we invited him to be baptized yet again and this time he said he would start preparing. I really have never felt such a peace before than I felt there I can’t describe it so I’m not going to try, but it was wonderful! He’s such a good guy and has such a strong desire to follow Christ.

We also showed up to church and one of the less active members we have been working with showed up to church for the first time in probably a year. We were suuuuuper excited to see her. And seeing someone partake of the sacrament for the first time in months is just as satisfying as seeing someone walk down into the waters of baptism. Reach out to the less actives and help them find their way back. By doing so you just feel so much love for them. I just love being a missionary and I’m just love these people so much, I’m rambling on now but I just want you all to know how much I love my savior and I hope that I can give my all, in hopes that I can thank him for giving his all for me. Love you all tons! And I’ll talk to ya soon!

  Hermana Savage

ipads! :)
Heres us with Cele at the Visitor center!

Me Javier and Cele :)


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