Monday, November 11, 2013


So this week’s letter is going to be a little shorter because the library is closed so we are at a member’s house, and I’m using a tablet so it’s hard to type. But this week was awesome! Also I realized that a year from now I’m going to be home :( crazy. It’s going waaaaaay to fast I hope it slows down, I love it so much. So this week we confiscated some coffee! It was so awesome, we just had a Lesson with this sister and it was super great for her the spirit was sooo strong, she’s been feeling really bad because she has been drinking coffee we have gone over a couple times but this week she finally let us take the temptation out of her house she’s so strong! Also there is this bright pink house that we always drive by and we decided to knock on it the other day, turns out we found a member who hasn’t gone in years because he moved and didn’t know where the church was at. We happily gave him the time and address. We then walked next store and started talking to these ladies we didn’t realize that it was a woman’s Christian recovery home. That was a fun 20 minutes... we got a huge "praise the lord!!" After almost every word we said. It was pretty funny, and then the lady gave me a hug and that was honestly the longest hug I have ever gotten from a stranger, little awkward, but also super funny afterwards. Also me and Sister Romano met our goal of member present lessons this week! It was so cool! We hit the standard of Excellency which is 12. First time in my mission :) as a result we had so many people at church! Including one of our investigators that hasn’t been in over 8 months!!! The members really do make all the difference :) you guys are awesome! Make sure you help the missionaries out! Also the ipads are great we have been able to share little videos in lessons and they really bring the spirit. The elders also like to airdrop us photos of them selfing during Sunday school... funny elders, but I guess if that keeps them from falling asleep its ok ha-ha. Well I need to go sorry this was short scatter brained and half spelled wrong, but love you all have  great week! 
Hermana savage 

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