Monday, May 13, 2013

First week in the field

Family and Friends,
   So I don't even know where to start it has been a pretty crazy week and a half but it has been sooooo amazing!  I got to the MTC and I was able to be reunited with my old district which was pretty much the best thing ever! It was such a blessing that I was able to got right back in with them, and I was soooo happy to see them all. I also saw Elder Cox, Jones, and Brunson!! love those Elders. They are all going to do amazing things.
   Tuesday morning when we all went to the travel office to leave at 5am, I got an unexpected surprise. They didn't have a plane ticket for me... so I had to say good bye to the sisters in my district and stay behind to figure everything out. Luckily the people who work at the MTC are amazing and they were able to get me on a later flight arriving  in Tempe about 4 o'clock. It was super scary to fly alone since I've never done that before, but it all worked out and I arrived safely to the mission home, right in time for the OYM (open your mouth) activity. They loaded us all in the vans and they took us to a trailer park. They handed us each a book of Mormon and told us to go talk to people. Hermana Stayley and I stood there speechless as they drove away, but we got to it and we actually talked to people. It was so much fun! We talked to two guys who were out on there porch  named Alejandro and Luis. Its crazy how fast the love of the people comes.
    The first area that I'm assigned to is actually Tempe, which I'm way excited about! I love it already. and guess what... we get a car! Yes! It's pretty bom. The transfer meeting was pretty crazy. We were all sitting there so excited and so nervous that it was hard to sit still, waiting to hear who our trainers were going to be. 
My Companion is Hermana Segura and she is amazing!!! She is definitely an answer to my many prayers. A little about her she is originally from Colombia so she is a native speaker which is awesome. But she has lived in Mesa Arizona for the past 13 years. Crazy Huh! She was pretty surprised when she got called to Tempe. She's a convert to church she was baptized when she was 13.  Something cool is that one of the missionaries that baptized her parents in Colombia was named Sister Savage!  She didn't even go to the MTC. She has  been out for only 6 weeks. Pretty much she is amazing and the lord has great things planned for her. We get along so well and it's kind of fun to both be "greenies" to the mission field.
     A little about this week. It's been awesome! We go out everyday and we do 21 OYM's which are basically street contacts. We usually go to the trailer parks Tempe Rancho and Chaparral to talk to people introduce ourselves our purpose and share a little message leave them with something or ask if there would  be a time that we could come back to share our message with them. We visit the members in our ward and visit our investigators. Its funny because I love it. I Love to talk to people! And that is what I was most scared about since I'm so quiet. I can't talk to them very much because I can't speak a lot of Spanish yet but I just love being around them and I love to meet new people. One of my favorites were these three ladies that we saw one evening. They were out smoking and drinking and we just started to talk to them. One of them asked us if we had any of those little books (our pamphlets) she said she read one once and that she really likes them because she gets a good feeling. We were sooo excited we gave them each a plan of salvation pamphlet and then said that we had another book that we wanted to share with her, one that was very special to us and that she can get the same happy peaceful feeling from reading it. She was soo excited! We gave her a Libro De Mormon and it was so cool to see how she cradled it in her arms and had a big smile on her face. We meet people like this every day and I love it! Being a missionary is awesome :)
   The members in our ward are amazing too. We share a Spanish ward with the two Spanish Elders in our area so all 4 of us go over to a members house to eat every night. It's lots of fun. Some days are harder than others. The food is OK, it's just they give us sooooo much that its hard to eat. And it's very important that we eat it all because some of these people are so humble that they would rather feed the missionaries than their own children. They are so loving. One of my favorite members is Sister Richardson. She is from Ecuador and she is so cute! She is so funny and full of energy and love. I cant wait till I can really talk with these people.
  One thing that really stuck with me all week that I wanted to share is something that Sister Segura told me the first day.  It was "never forget that heavenly father called you here because of who YOU are." That hit me really hard. Because I was worried about how I'm shy and maybe don't have the ideal missionary personality.  I forgot that Heavenly Father called me here for who I already am. I'm not expected to change, I'm only expected to grow. And I think that goes for any calling in the church. Remember that god loves you and knows you and he calls you for who you are. One thing I really liked  in preach my gospel is that our confidence and faith needs to be in Christ, not ourselves. That was really comforting because I don't have very much confidence in myself but I have sooo much confidence in my savior.
     I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear from you! Please write! I have a bunch of pictures but I don't have the cord to send them yet so I will hopefully get them next week. So be prepared for a bunch of pictures! Until Next week
                     Hermana Savage

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